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  • Why mod contention management is important

    I was working on a new spell/potion mod for GreedFall and realized something. Many of the files I had to edit were contention points. That is, greedfall has a number of large configuration files that configure many things in one place. For example, the file items_autogen_equipements.sli defines every item
    that you can hold or wear in the game. So if you install a mod that affects items, maybe it makes them lighter, chances are it is incompatible with all other mods that make any changes to any other item. Looks, price, upgrade options, etc... The default Vortex contention strategy is to resolve at the File level. If 2 mods edit the same file, you must choose which one to install.

    So ... I took a week and created a trivial merge manager called "Mod Slot Support" that supp...