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This mod re-balance all the game: more capital ship 43, Evolve the capital ship into strong ones;
Star bases improved to become R.I.P. 81 evolution total, colossal planets and economic boost;
Rebalanced and improved Research tree weapon tree capped to (more/less) 900 evolution;
Dramatically improve performance,new striker,turret

Permissions and credits
Due to the new DLC I start the upgrading of this mod, expect news

This mod is a large scale modification for 1.82 original game (may work with old version);

Now the mod is quite large and need some guide (lol)

In order to play this mod you need a better computer, to play this mod without lag.

You need a mod to break the vanilla limit to more interesting gameplay (hardcored?) so this mod is for you
it change:

Star bases. Give 99 slot, more defenses upgrades and utility.

Evolution: Evolve you capital ships  (note: don't evolve in star cd.)

Research: Improve the racial differences. Weapons, hull, shield are rebalanced and capped to more than 900 point, resources extraction improved.

Performance boosted: Removed traffic (civilian ship is less but all work as usual) Less fighter and bomber I rebuild that concept, now there is 7 different strike craft only large carriers and ultimate titans have the unique strikers, the fighter and bomber are less but same damage remain (except for Psy, they got a little advantage from the hangar now hangar can build corvette strikers, they cost a LOT of anti-mater but make the differences)

More capital ship (43) \ Vasari have +10

More fleet (4980) \  Vasari have +1000(from solitary path, that work like a simple research) +15%
Race rebalanced on this idea:

Vasari: Extra-large fleet - they recycle debris, extreme hull supremacy
Advent: Cultural supremacy, strong in culture, extreme shield supremacy
Tec: Planetary supremacy, strong economy, extreme defense (the R.I.P. and more, twin-base R.I.P.)

Star base R.I.P.; now star base become the fear of the galaxy. Evolve your star base to become the ultimate defense.
Tec have better rip, Vasari have weaponry supremacy, Advent mind control the planet in order to influence income.

[More less you can get Tec Rip to 10.000.000 hull 1.000.000 shield playing 20-30 hours] [but don't think your Rip can resist to the ultimate titans ... maybe if you get lucky and happen something like that:

Capital ship Evolve, 1 evolution for the vanilla C.ship into MK2 .. ecc.. (3 evolution) down I make a picture to understand better.

3 Strong Flagship in the capital ship module, they evolve 1 time.

the recycle ship, like old ogame lol.

The large planet: (many standard and home planet) can be upgraded to become the boost of your economy.

Crystal and metal can be directly buy by the Merchant ship (for now have no mesh, is the last before the envoy, is an envoy specular but buy automatically)

make a backup;
way 1 Extract in the game folder

way 2 extract in:
C:\Users\Your name\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.82

Please note, this mod may not work if there is an other game.manifest and string in other mods.

Be extremely caution whit the last "evolving" scripts, never try to "bin them" game seems to dislike this innovation. If you do, he will cut the scripts and the game will crash. better to have double copy.

Beta version may be instable

W1:Extract the old files from: Sins of a Solar Empire/GameInfo repository
W2: disable mod


V 1.7.7

The dangerous galaxy: new event (the galaxy is not a peaceful place, prepare yourself for the invasion of the dark fleet);
Very minor fix

V 1.7.6

Less power to Mr.Mind, now is hard to "gang bang" players using them

V 1.7.5 Exiting from Beta soon

Added Recycle frigate, (when a ship in range is destroyed that ship save some resources)
Add MR.mind for all, (that ship is used to terraform planets to gain population and construct planet defenses, he can heal some damage and interrupt the disable ability)

V 1.7.4 Beta Final

Added the Tech armada
the evolution tree is a surprise, LOL;

Added new frigate: kamikaze nanite (the enemy as gathered an army in the same place and will be a suicide to attack him? What are you waiting! Send a group of kamikaze!)

some fix (added RM.mind for tech, for now)

V 1.7.3 Beta Final

Added Advert full armada tree

This time I don't have time to make picture, so I place the txt version:

Vanilla capital ship evolve 3 time total:
become MK2 the same but strong,
Become Leona (warship1-2) Become Sirena (carrier and colony) Become Assunta (the last 2),
Last evolve to become (Redemption in Apocalips) [is a godlike war titan]

My 3 flag ships evolve to become the (White Lady) [is a support titan]

Titan evolve 2 times: 1 into fat titan, then he become (Virgin of Vengeance)

Added corvette to hangar defense. Now it have sense.

V 1.7.2 Beta Final

some Fix;

Added 3 new striker (corvette and frigate) for heavy carrier and legendary titan;

Integrated Fat bastard into the Evolution tree;
Added the full Vasari evolution tree for:  Capital ship and Titan;
Here the Evolution tree.
Capital ship:

Titan Evolution:

V 1.7 BF 1

String names and some fix

V 1.7 B Final

Upgraded every level of the star base 9 x 9 each.

Correct Evolution to work every time, now work like a charm.
some fix

Merchant ship resources quantity improved, due to buff heavy loses in long games.

V 1.7B3

Fix, Evolution work .... need some testing.

V 1.7B2

More upgrade;

added the Merchant ship (I don't make mesh, for now) so look for the envoy, the last is the merchant.
The Merchant give you the possibility of direct commerce on the market at stable prices: metal 3 x 1, crystal  3,3p x 1. Merchant work automatically, so you don't suffer to click on the black market button like a bad children.

V 1.7B1

Many fix ad upgrade, game stable, but evolution have the same problem.

V1.7 Beta

Evolution: Now your capital ship can evolve, no more cap to level 10, gain level 10 then select ability "dark capital ship", and your ship should evolve and, for now, can cap to new level 10. (I tested and work ... sometimes, not every times, not sure why it happens, maybe because the internal game core read strange) but what the hell :P

V1.6 Beta

Added 3 new Colossal Capital Ship, this new ship born to be the flagship of your fleet:

War type:  Max firepower and resistance, based on your race

Carrier type; A lot of flies, good auto cannon

Support type; Very wise support, extreme antimatter

Base cost 30.000-10.000-7500

Exclusive ability


New defense structures

2 for psi, sniper and skirmisher
1 sniper for the others;

new strong flies for large carriers;

The lonely Capital: make you capital upgradeable to the hell, so you may don't need colony... (may)

The fat bastard: Added 3 new titan shared per race.
Base cost  95.000 10.000 7.500
Practically the evolution, much strong and well equipped. (if you have the money, now you can spend them)

V1.5 Beta

Redesign the concept of Star base (make you unique Death Star)
Previously I change only the resistance and the weapons, now it meant to be all upgradeable to level 9, having new and extreme ability to evolve (and a fool cost to sustain).

V 1.4.1
Fix some bug on the research tree

Defend my Capital:
added more defense slot on 5 levels (only for large planets, Terran and Desert)

Repair my Star-base:
No more single stack, it mean all the repair system work synchronized (not for the capitalship ability)


Archeology expansion (more level)
Capital planet boosted

new Capital ship level system

Star bases now stop enemy culture and give allegiance


Added the RESEARCH RATE INCREASE for all (leveled to 900)


Add pirate large scale enemy, stronger and hard to neutralize