Sins of a Solar Empire

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This Is A Combination Of Best Mods
- Distant Stars
- Maelstrom
- Bailknight's Graphic Mod (Since Its Already Used In Distant Stars And Maelstrom)
- Volumetric Explosions And Damage Effects (Since Its Already Used In Distant Stars And Maelstrom)
- Gurkoz Sound Effects (Since Its Already Used In Distant Stars And Ma

Permissions and credits
Universe At War For Rebellion

This Is A Capital Ship Only Mod Due To Some Limitations And Lets Face It Everyone Loves Capitals Vs Capitals
NOTE: THIS MOD ONLY WORKS WITH REBELLION 1.82 Versions, The Unexpected NEW DLC From Stardock Is Well Unexpected And Sadly Isint Compatible With The Mod. So This Only Works On Games Without The New DLC. There Is No Guarantee That The Mod Will Be Updated For The Latest DLC Since Its Too Much Work And Am Only One Guy And This Was An Old Mod And Well I No Longer Have Enough Spare Time To Spend On This Project. For All Intent And Purpose Consider The Mod As Final Version And Done. 
Since I Made This Page In Haste For A More Tidy And Readable Version Of The Mod Page Please Visit :-  TIDY GRAPHICAL READ ME

Mod Details - 
Every Race Is Modded To Suite Its Role Better And Have Their Own Resource Cost. 
Vasari - Huge Fire Power, Balanced Shields, Armor And Hull 
Advent - Incredible Synergy, Tons Of Shields. Moderate Hull, Weak Armor
Tech - Basically Flying Bricks, Huge Hull, Slabs And Slabs Of Armor, Barely Any Shields And Firepower 

Installation Details - 
- Download Main File (The Big One Around 750MB)
- Extract To Your Sins Mod Folder 
- Pick A Patch, Either 1 Or 2 
Patch 1 Have Titans While Patch 2 Have No Titans 
- Extract The Patch Into The Mod Folder, Replace When Asked.
- Pick Any Additional Addons U Might Want

Patch 1 - Details - 
- 16 Capital Ship Slots (Addon Available) 
- Titans Enabled 
- Non Capturable Titans (Addon Available) 
- Non Capturable Capital Ships (Addon Available) 
- Super Weapons Enabled (Addon Available) 

Patch 2 - Details - 
- 12 Capital Ship Slots (Addon Available) 
- Titans Disabled 
- Non Capturable Capital Ships (Addon Available) 
- Super Weapons Enabled (Addon Available) 

Note -
The Patches Are Compatible With Each Other And Interchangeable (Swap able) . U Can Re patch Any Mod U Want Anytime And Continue Playing.

Patch 1 Compatible Addons Details -
- Capturable Titans Addon (U Can Capture Enemy/Neutral Titans, But The Enemy Also Can Capt
- Capital Ship Instant Levels (Capital Ships Level Up Rather Instantly)
- Super Weapons Addon (Enables/Disables Super Weapons) 

Patch 2 Compatible Addons Details - 
- Capital Ship Instant Levels (Capital Ships Level Up Rather Instantly)
- Super Weapons Addon (Enables/Disables Super Weapons)

Universal Addons Details - 
- Capital Ships Cap 12 (increased Capital Ships Cap To 12)
- Capital Ships Cap 16 (increased Capital Ships Cap To 16)
- Capital Ships Cap 24 (increased Capital Ships Cap To 24)
- Capturable Capital Ships Addon (Same As Capturable Titans But Only Applies To Capital Ships) 
- Gunships For Dreadnought Enable/Disable (For Those Who Dont Like Gunships On Dreadnoughts Cause Ai Spams Dreads)
- Gunships For Starbases Addon Enable/Disable (For Those Who Want Those Pesky Gunships On Their Starbases) 

Change Log 1.4.6 -  
- Fixed Ragnorak Overcharge Snipe Bug From Patch 4.5 
- Vorastra Titan Maw ability Tweaked 
  - No Longer Instant Dead To Capital Ships. But Deals Damage. 
  - Recharge Time Decreased 
  - Number Of Targets Increased From Limited To Unlimited 

Change Log 1.4.5 -
- phaseout hull duration doubled
- phase out hull recharge increased (4x of duration)
- phase out hull range reduced from 6000 to 4500
- phase out hull antimatter cost increased from 60 to 120
- ceasefire ability duration reduced from 75 to 60
- ceasefire ability recharge increased from 180 to 240
- cease fire antimatter cost increased from 113 to 120
- ragnorak titan salvage % nerfed from 120% to 30% 
- Ragnorak Titan Salvage Range Increased From 9000 To 12000
- ragnorak titan snipe damage increased from 1500 to 1800
- ragnorak titan snipe recharge duration increased from 10 to 15
- titans exp required to level up increased 4x 
- vengeance cool down increased from 40 to 45
- vengeance damage reflect reduced from 450% to 75%
- buff taunt damage reflect reduced from 150% to 45%
- taunt targets increased from 45 to 75
- taunt also effects fighters and Corvette 
- ability blackout duration reduced from 45 to 20
- ability blackout recharge increased from 15 to 60
- ability blackout antimatter cost increased from 75 to 120
- coronata titan regeneration rate More than doubled
- coronata titan invulnerability replaced with disable immune 
- Ion Cannon recharge rate Increased From 10 to 40 seconds

Next Update - 
- Few Minor Balance Fixes If Any 
- Find A Use For Mine layer Craft


Future Plans - 
Add More Races - All Races From Maelstrom (<--This Part I Can Guarantee) And All Available Custom Races Like Races From Startreck, Masseffect, Halo (Some Still Have Pending Permissions). No Time Bar No Expected Date

Changes - 
- All Frigates And Cruisers (Except Colony, Scout, Starbase Constructor) Are Removed From Game 
- Increased Capital Ships Cap 
- Revamped Abilities - Almost Every Single Ability Is Revamped Or Totally Changed To Be More Effective, I Dont Want To Ruin The Fun And Suspense Find Them Out For Yourself  
- Every Race Have A Capital Ship That Can Capture Enemy Ships/Structures 
- Every Race Have Its Own Method Of Rendering Enemy Helpless.
- Every Race Have Its Own Method Of Healing Allies In Heated Battles
- Some Of The Awesome New Skills "Paint Target, Pool Of Life, Iron Hide Yada Yada ... I Dont Want To Ruin The Suspense 
- New Type Strike Craft - Gunships - Only Available On Carriers, Dreadnoughts And Titans. They Fulfill The Role Of Both Bombers And Fighters .... And Carry Different Weapons For Different Purpose 
- Totally Revamped Super Weapons - Now Super Weapons Are A Force To Be Reckoned With, But They Come With A Price. I Really Dont Want To Reveal What They Do ... But They Really Own .. Trust Me On This One. 
- Upgrade Starbases To Its Maximum 
- New Population Growth Research (U'll Need It ... Trust Me)
- Stronger Defense Platforms 
- Vicious Titans - Titans Can Heal Themselves In Various Ways (Different Method For Different Titan)  And Are Totally Capable Of Taking On Entire Capital Ship Fleet
- Antimatter Is Not A Problem Anymore (That Dosent Mean U Got Unlimited Antimatter Or Ur Abilities Costs Less, I'll Leave That For U To Find Out) 
- No Longer Will You Be Sitting On A Huge Pile Of Credits And Resources By Mid Game, Not Knowing What Else To Do With Them ... There Is Always An Ever Ending Demand For Resources And Credits ... Economic Management Is Pretty Fun

Modded Capital Ships To Suit Their Roles Better -

- Battle Ships - Built To Battle Other Capital Ship Threats 
                          - Offense - 5
                          - Defense - 4
                          - Support - 2

- Heavy Assault - Just As The Name Suggest, They Built To Deal With Swarms Of Enemy 
                          - Offense - 4
                          - Defense - 3
                          - Support - 2

- Dreadnoughts - They Are Bigger Than Your Average Capital Ships, Carriers More Firepower But Smaller Than A Titan.
                          - Offense - 4
                          - Defense - 5
                          - Support - 4

- Carrier - I Dont Think I Need To Say What This Made For 
                          - Offense - 3
                          - Defense - 2
                          - Support - 3

- Colony - Same Applies Here. You Know What They Do. 
                          - Offense - 2
                          - Defense - 3
                          - Support - 4

- Support - Support Ships Are Not Damage Oriented, They Instead Depend On Their Abilities
                          - Offense - 1
                          - Defense - 2
                          - Support - 5

- You Will Need Atleast One Of Each Type Of Ship In Ur Fleet 
- You Can Buy Max Level For Ur Capital Ships, But Watch Out, Its Gonna Cost U An Eye And A Leg Possibly. 
- Pirates Are Vicious And Relentless. They Just Want To Obliterate You. Literally .... 
- AI Is Modded To Be Better, Stronger And Is Capable Of Making Grown Men Cry ... Totally 

 Mods Merged -
- Distant Stars
- Maelstrom 
- Bailknight's Graphic Mod (Since Its Already Used In Distant Stars And Maelstrom)
- Volumetric Explosions And Damage Effects (Since Its Already Used In Distant Stars And Maelstrom)
- Gurkoz Sound Effects (Since Its Already Used In Distant Stars And Maelstrom)
Note -
1) It Is Strongly Suggested To Use "LARGE ADDRESS AWARE Enabled Exe [LAA]", As It Is Known To Avoid Mini Dumps Caused Due To Excess Ram Usage. Its Not For Everyone.. But When It Works Its Very Handy. Personally I Never Had A Problem While Using It. It Can Be Found In The Forums. 
2) If U Find It Hard/Unfair To Play On Normal Maps, Use The Maps That Are Provided Along.

Known Bugs -
- Game Crashes On Exit While Using Some Maps And Crashes On Exit When Using The Ragnarov Titan (Dont Know Why, And Dont Know How To Fix It Lol)
- Pirates Sometimes Loves To Run Out Of Gravity Well And Fight (Dont Know Why And Dont Know How To Fix It Lol Again) 
- Avoid Playing Random Opponent For Your Own Good, As It May Cause The Locked Races From Maelstrom To Sneak In And    Mess Up The Game. Totally
- Game May Crash If Ur Have "Random Opponent" And "Flagship Victory" On Cause Of The Pirate Faction Bug Present In Maelstrom (Dont Know Why, But Can Be Fixed)
Other Than Them Non.

Credits - 
- Me
- Ryat For Letting Me Use Distant Stars Mod
- soase-maelstrom - For Letting Me Use His Asserts 
All The People Who Kindly Helped Me On Modder's "Get-an-Answer" Thread