Sins of a Solar Empire

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This mod is based on the Universe of Freelancer

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This mod is based on the universe and factions of Freelancer.
While I am attempting to make the mod very close to the feel of Freelancer there are some differences; some related to engine limitations while others are judgment calls of mine due to personal choice or for game play reasons.

At the moment the mod is in Alpha with only Liberty being playable.
There will be more added to Liberty and new factions joining the mod as I get further along.

Some important points:

Frigates and Cruisers are no longer used like traditional Sins.

Instead various autonomous fighters take the role of Frigates.
Light Fighters are generally scouts and interceptors, Heavy Fighters are the main fighting force, and Very Heavy Fighters take the role of bombers and heavy attackers.

the Cruiser section of the shipyard now holds all larger ships. Combat Freighters, Support ships and Capital Ships.

Capital Ships in SotSS act as regular cruisers and do NOT level up. Any abilities they posses are either active by default or unlocked with research.

The old Capital Ship system now is used for 'ACE Pilots'. These are exceptional men and women of your faction that are highly trained and skilled.
They are not powerful solo artists, but rather should be used to lead and support groups of fighters along side them. They will gain experience and rise in rank allowing them to gain new abilities and equipment.

The last important thing, is due to my special targeting system, some ships wont be able to shoot at certain other ships.

most VFH's for example wont be able to hit Light Fighters, leaving them vulnerable against them.
At the moment there is nothing to tell you what you can and cant hit, this is something that will be solved in later versions.