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Changes the main character's moveset for one more suited to the Moon Knight we saw from the MCU series, inspired on the combat segments from the show.
Mostly all moves were replaced from moves used by enemies or bosses from the game.
Mod inspired by the Daredevil Moveset mod and the Moon Knight Skin mod, shout out to them and a big thanks

Permissions and credits

This mod was made for every Moon Knight fan that wishes for a game of the characteer, since i always though the Sifu world, mythic stuff and bosses would fit well with the character, and in regards to the Moon Knight MCU mod, who nailed the skin mod and inspired me to do this, alongside another moveset mod from an MCU character, the Daredevil-Inspired Moveset.

Using the Brawler Moveset (Thanks to CorvoCorvus45) as a base for this, the goal was to capture Moon Knight's brutal and heavy punches, along with his super strenght (expressed in grabs) and agility (expressed in some flashy kicks), i kept a few moves from said mod that already fitted well with the character, but then changed the moves that were unchanged in relation to the base game, to try and capture all those aspects from the character, the enemies usually don't react when you attack them with modded movesets, because they're not programmed to dodge and/or block movesets from another npcs, they do on this mod, thanks to the Brawler Moveset that already fixed that problem.


The usual, drop the .pak and .sig files into Sifu/Content/Paks/~mods. If the ~mods folder doesn't exist, create it.
OBS: it's recommended not to use this mod with other mods that changes the moveset, except if those other mods dont change any of the listed attacks, like Fajar Moveset for example, that mod changes only blade related moves.


  • 1st Light Attack (Jab) -> Bodyguard Hook
  • 2nd Light Attack (Throat Plexus) -> Bodyguard Stomach Punch
  • 3rd Light Attack (Punch) -> Disciple Thrust Punch
  • 4th Light Attack (Palm Punch) -> Grunt Baseball Hook
  • 5th Light Attack (Triple Hit) -> Disciple Elbow Strike
  • 1st Heavy Attack (Belly Palm) -> Main Char Mid Kick
  • 2nd Heavy Attack (Shin Kick) -> Flashkick Fast Horizontal Mid Kick
  • 3rd Heavy Attack (Throat Punch) -> Grunt Uppercut
  • 4th Heavy Attack (Elbow Strike) -> Elbow Strike (unchanged)
  • Push Kick -> Push Kick (Back Version)
  • Roudhouse Kick -> Juggernaut Downward Uppercut
  • Rising Claw -> Juggernaut Uppercut
  • Claws -> Grunt Knee Strike
  • Back Breaker -> Bodyguard Grab Takedown
  • Raining Strikes -> Fire Disciple Spin Trick Kick
  • Spin Hook Kick -> Nothing (bug, couldn't fix it yet)
  • Lightning Strikes -> Lightning Strikes (unchanged)
  • Sharp Strikes -> Bodyguard Knee Smash
  • Crooked Foot -> Crooked Foot (unchanged)
  • Invert Throw -> Bodyguard Stomach Punch Finisher
  • Directional Throw -> Directional Throw (unchanged)
  • Sweep -> Sweep (unchanged)
  • Palm Strike -> Fajar Naja Reverse Lash
  • Khap Choy -> Fajar Cobra Double Bite
  • Slide Kick -> Fire Disciple Double Jump Spin Kick
  • Chasing Strikes -> Kuroki Shiroizu Daggers Throw Kunai
  • Chasing Trip Kicks -> Fire Disciple Rush Jump Kick
  • Crotch Punch -> Crotch Punch (unchanged)
  • CP Light Follow Up -> CP Light Follow Up (unchanged)
  • CP Heavy Follow Up -> Juggernaut Uppercut
  • Snap Kick -> Grunt Falcon Punch
  • Hook Intercept -> Disciple Shoulder Strike
  • Duck Strike -> Bodyguard Disarm
  • Charged Backfist -> Flashkick Fast Handstand Spin Kick (hold longer for normal charged backfist)
  • Flowing Claw -> Big Guy Far Grab

and that wraps it up, hope i'm not forgetting any move, for modding purposes, i kept the names of the moves here the same names used on the game's files, to make it easier in case anyone wants to change anything, after all, that's what i did with the Brawler Moveset, huge thanks to CorvoCorvus45, IRONCAP and Halfmillz, the ones responsible for the mods i listed here, it was all thanks to them, and of course, to Sifudoka and his awesome Sifu Modding Guide, you all made it possible.

OBS: Using the following attacks on armed bosses will make them drop their weapons and bug out, CorvoCorvus45 pointed it out in his Brawler Moveset mod too, i don't know how to fix it, and i agree with him when he says it's funny, if you dont want it to bug, just dont use those moves on armed bosses, you can still use them on Fajar phase 1 and Yang:

Duck Strike -> Bodyguard Disarm
Flowing Claw -> Big Guy Far Grab
Back Breaker -> Bodyguard Grab Takedown
Invert Throw -> Bodyguard Stomach Punch Finisher