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Replacement of all Kung-Fu moves to emulate the fighting style of Daredevil from the Netflix series, which is a combination Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay-Thai, Wrestling...basically MMA but unique to him.
Moves from enemies that closely resembled his style were used.
Thanks to makers of the Daredevil appearance mods for this idea.

Permissions and credits
Check out TomoCookingDJ's YouTube video for some epic cinematic vibes, its awesome

So this game has one of the best combat systems ever made and I've always wanted a Daredevil game so that's the reason I made this.

I've never even attempted to make a mod before so this is my first time Thanks to Sifudoka and his easy to follow Guide :)

The aim of this mod was to change any Kung-Fu move to a modern martial arts move but with the TV show Daredevil's flair. The mod would also work if you're using a Character Model who has a similar fighting style.

Drop the '.pak' and '.sig' files into Sifu/Content/Paks/~Mods.
If you don't have a ~Mods folder, Create one and drop it there. Ez
Also I don't think this would work alongside other Moveset changing mods.

One small issue I had was finding suitable replacements for the first 2 heavy attacks. Since they can be chained to Raining Strikes or Spin Hook Kick after a delay, all of the enemy attack replacements resulted in the loss of these two delayed attacks so I had to choose something from within the Main Character's arsenal itself that wouldn't classify as a Kung-Fu move. 
All I'm trying to say is that the first 2 heavy attacks will feel familiar :)

The 5 light attack combo is changed to resemble a Muay-Thai combo starting with quick punches, an elbow and a body kick.
The 4 heavy attack combo starts with the Snap Kick, Shin Kick and ends with a big uppercut and heavy reverse kick.

Now I will spoil a few of the special combo ending changes but some of these moves were unused so seeing them in-game for the first time is a sight to behold, the entire change list will be in the Files section along with the mod files for downloading.

A few of the replacement attacks have GIF forms available so I will link those to the attack names below:
Raining Strikes      ->Knee to Head Kick from Fajar (a bit boring compared to the others but looks cool)
Roundhouse Kick ->Wheel Kick from the Fire Disciples (they use this move when they knock you down)
Rising Claw            ->Spin Trick Kick from Mini-boss Fire Disciples (this is a flippy-spinny kick that looks really great and can cause Knockdowns)
Spin Hook Kick      ->Front-flip Axe Kick from Flashkicks (this is updated, check the description for update 1.5 at the end)
Push Kick                ->Spin Push Kick from Fajar
Crotch Punch         ->Capoeira Heel Kick from Fajar (Yes, this ducks under attacks just like Crotch Punch and the follow-up attack is even better!)
Chasing Strikes     ->Jumping Reverse Body Kick from Flashkicks (one of the unused moves)
Lightning Strikes   ->Quick Body Kick from Flashkicks (unused)
Sharp Strikes         ->Knee Smash from Bodyguards (unused)
Slide Kick                ->Running Push Kick from Grunts (seems boring but is fun imo cause push attacks are really good in this game)
Khap Choy              ->Superman Punch from Grunts 
Duck Strike             ->Bodyshot from Grunts
Charged Backfist  ->Spinning Reverse Kick from Bodyguards (same function i.e good stun) 
Important note: The original Charged Backfist can still be used if the Heavy attack button is held a bit longer
I did not change Sweep cause why change perfection lol.

The remaining...Back Breaker, Crooked Foot, Invert Throw, Hook Intercept, Flowing Claw, Chasing Trip Kick & Snap Kick all have replacements but I do not want to spoil em for you. If you liked what you saw in the GIFs you will love these ones and again, most of these are unused attacks that you may not have seen before so I will let you be surprised. 
I've taken care that every attack used here is some move that Daredevil has used in the show or something very close to it so hope y'all enjoy :)

I also apologize for y'all having to rely only on my textual descriptions for most of the Modded moves as this is my first time doing this and I've no idea how to edit videos n stuff for this.

For testing this mod I did not use Takedowns in any level, even for bosses (except for Phase 3 Yang) cause enemy Structure bars tend to go up faster when using modded moves, and I was/still am using the Faster Enemies mod from Sifudoka.

Since most these moves are enemy moves, the normal grunts' AI do not block or avoid most attacks . However, elite enemies like the flashkicks, fire disciples, bodyguards and big bois do defend themselves against these modded attacks.
As for Bosses, the results are kinda funny cause some of them might be easier than Elite enemies if you aren't trying to deplete their healthbar. 
1. Fajar    : Was able to string multiple combos together but he interrupts frequently. 
2. Sean    : This man blocks almost everything unless stunned...absolute madlad chad.
3. Kuroki  : Again, multiple combos can be strung for phase 1, phase 2 plays out more or less the same.
4. Fengjie: This was hilarious, I started attacking her and the fight ended with no defense from her end. Very sad for her tho.
5. Yang    : Avoids or Blocks almost all moves unless stunned, not different from Vanilla except faster structure damage maybe.

If anyone knows how to change the modded attack properties so that all enemies will defend like normal please don't hesitate to share and I will most likely update this.

Recommended Mods:
For a good Daredevil experience,
 NosbornGG's Season 1 Daredevil, Season 2 Daredevil, Season 3 Daredevil or Matt Murdock appearances and  he's got a Kingpin replacement also. If you like other Comic book heroes, he's got a bunch of them too.
Alternatively, Sirgalahad172's Daredevil with "DD" Suit Logo appearance.

For gameplay,
Sifudoka's Faster Enemy Attacks or Tanky Grunts by bennygdawson, or use both :D

Also wanna thank a1435033075 for the GIFs of certain enemy movesets, he's posted a lot of them on his profile in this Chinese website. For now, GIFs for most moves of Sean, Yang, Kuroki, Fajar, Flashkicks and the Fire Disciples are available there.

Gimmie feedback y'all, thank you and hopefully enjoy the mod.

Update 1.5
Just a small update to the first 2 moves of the heavy combo for better flow of combat hopefully
Replaced the replacement for Spin Hook Kick to Heavy Tornado Kick also for a better flow
Old version still available if you prefer that

Updated Update for Update 1.5:
I uploaded the wrong files before but now its fixed
Thanks for the warning FosterSet!

Update 1.5 part 2 lol:
Added Skill Videos in-game for the replaced Unlockable moves