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This is a Sifu OC mod made for my personal playthrough, released to the public. Basic but lore friendly models and outfits. These are my first models, be kind <3

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"My father tried fruitlessly to teach me that water both flows and crashes, however the latter simply came far too naturally to me. I suppose that makes me more like ice."


V2.1.2 Update
- Added "Post Club" outfit
bad Physics added to Post Club outfit
- Black Suit Dress V2 included in AIO package

Future Updates:
- Physics on other hairs/items
- Redo red club suit
- Re-attempt physics


This is an OC mod made for my personal playthrough of Sifu, released to the public. Wipe that blood off your nose and avenge your father/mentor!

Background: I'm a big fan of roleplaying games and when one has the option to choose between male or female, like in Sifu, it's that much easier to associate with the character. To take it a step forward, with the use of modding you can essentially play your own character—yourself, an insert, an OC, or anything—and create a mental narrative in your playthrough. This character represents my current playstyle: one where I spam duck strike, crotch punch, and smash faces as I smile a psychopath, excel in group combat, only to die in a 1v1 because I forgot all my moves. This game is fantastic. Also, I restart the level every time I die. I'm on the Museum and I have every skill in the game. I will beat the game without a single wrinkle on her already rather tired-looking face. Anyways—

Outfits: Each distinct level comes with a character centric outfit & a different hairstyle:



Club #2:
IMAGES still PENDING (DL available)

Club #3:

(Archived) Museum:

Museum V2:

THIS MOD IS A WIP:  This is my first time modding for Sifu, so there are still improvements to make to my models. Notably I want to add physics so that I can use even more resources for outfits. There will be notable clipping and some texture issues, but since I make these for myself it's not something that bothers me, especially since fixing it can be tricky. I have not tested aging, and do not know how it affects this model. All of the content used are SloClap resources and therefore replacing those assets may conflict with this mod. This is going to be a model series (based on my own interest) in which I make students of Sifu who've trickled out into the world. I think I'll make "The Businesswoman" next. These characters are going to be archetypal so you can write your own story for them. The .pak for this mod is named "Yin", but their true identity is just "The Bruiser" until they're in your own game. I'll fix this for future models.

I generally play female characters, so male models are extremely unlikely less likely than their counterpart. Sorry! <:(

Please report any issues, but whether I fix them or not depends on when I have the time.

 (click their names, I know you want to)

Musicophile - For helping me with integral steps to get models in-game. You are a generous and awesome fellow!!
Check out his mods, you won't be disappointed:
 Stylish Sifu & Stylish Sifu 2

Kato - For being so welcoming and helping me make connections. What would've taken me a week only took roughly two or three days. Grateful for you!

Huckpie - We ALL should be crediting Huckpie at some point. Who knows how many people they've put onto Sifu modding. Thanks for the great models & tutorials. Want to start modeling yourself? Start here.

Dodylectable - Imagine NOT having the templates.

 Place the .pak and .sig files in Sifu/Content/Paks/~mods (make one if you don't have a "~mods" folder)

Each .pak replaces the default outfit—do not use multiple Bruiser skins at the same time