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Need to explain how unplayable is the weapon in Sifu?

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I don't think I need to explain how the mod work. HAH! I have to say it any way.

Getting tired to see how unreasonable weakling weapon is in Sifu?

Simply, this mod will enhance bat and blade weapons damages and structure impact, staff weapon are not included. FOR VANILLA WEAPON MOVESET ONLY!

1. Bat Weapon:
- Increase HP Damages by 50% and Structure impact power by 100%, most attack can't go slow motion when enemy avoiding or deflecting and can bypass most enemy Super Resilience armor.
- Enemy still taking 50% HP damages and will receive extras 50% structure damages if blocking with barehand.

2. Blade Weapon:
- Increase HP Damages by 100%, structure impact are not modified. Most attack can bypass enemy low level Resilience armor.
- Enemy still taking 90% HP damages if blocking with barehand.

If you are encountering any issue while playing with this mod, please report immediately through comment or bug report sections.