Sid Meier's Pirates!
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High definition textures.

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What is it ?

HD retexture of the game.


Extract in your "custom" folder in the game root folder, were you installed it.
If you don't have this folder you can just create it.

How did I do it ?

First of all, I'm no texture artist.
I just extracted all the game files and classed those, and ran waifu2x on the textures files.

Why ?

I really like the artistic direction of this game and find it beautiful, but on my HD and big monitor the texture are blurry.
The cartoon style is really well affected by waifu2x, so the detail loss is minimal but the texture blurring is completely gone.


Consider this can have issues as the extracted files from the game archive are not classed and I had to class it by hand, so some unwanted files may be in HD.
Also, some models don't take the upscaling of their texture so good, their UV map are not made for high resolution so the textures can be blown on the model.
I'm pretty sure characters won't be affected by this, but environement and lighting can be.
If you see a problem, please tell me.

Update 11/11/17:

Since this is nearly a month and I got no bugs report, I release other texture than the Characters.
You can find those in the download section.

Those new versions have much more room for problems, so please, report if you notice anything unusual, with a list of the packages you use, and where you encountered the bug. A screenshot would be welcome.

The mains files are what I use, optional can be considered overkill as those are for small things, so only use those if you have a strong computer, and miscellaneous contains seams.

Additional info:

I recommend running this patcher on the game executable: , as the more high resolution textures demand more RAM.

Also, if you have an NVIDIA card, you can force antialiasing on the game with nvidia inspector, making it look way better.

Tools Used:



Do whatever you want with it, ahoy mateys.
Just don't use in paid mods or projects.


Sid Meier for Pirates!
nagadomi for waifu2x
apipino for ordenador
XnSoft for XnConvert
Firaxis for PakBuild

Expand on the Pirates! experience:

If you want to expand on the game content and add a little more challenge, I strongly suggest  Adam Milazzo's Challenge Pack, that can be downloaded here:

It adds an use for some objects that were pretty useless without it, you can tweaks cannonball to have a realistic speed, and tweaks parts of the game difficulty, renewing the game's feeling.