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Transforms the Shenmue 3 experience into something more intense, enjoyable and fun!

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Update 1.1: Seemingly fixed Ai breaking bug
Finally, the time has come for the overhaul to release!

This passion project sets out to make Shenmue 3 the best it can be by implementing user-based feedback and making the game as FUN as possible.
Hopefully, a lot fans and critics alike have reason to return for one more round.

So, let's review what Shenmue 3 Kiwami Overhaul changes:


  • Adventure camera zoomed out similar to originals
  • Adventure camera rotates faster/removed lag
  • Ryo sprints slightly faster. Removed sprint stamina drain
  • (Optional) Shadow/grass draw distance +50%.
  • (Optional) A handful of music swaps


  • Battle camera zoomed out for battle awareness
  • Battle camera lingers on side view more often
  • Ryo Buffed - Unbreakable block, fast/far dodge. Enemies Tweaked - hp, attack rate, etc
  • Fight against Lan Di, Ren, Shenhua and other familiar faces! Dojo fighters replaced.
  • (Optional) Action Combat - Removed input lag for attacks. Emphasis on combos/shortcuts


  • Ryo's stat/skill leveling rates increased
  • Jobs pay 3-5x money (woodchop/fishing/forklift/chickens)
  • Rare Capsule Toys are easier to obtain (bad RNG still exists)


  • (Optional) Major plot events rewritten and characters reinterpreted for a more interesting story.
  • Of course, this isn't canon and is meant for players who use Japanese voices.


INSTALL: REQUIRED- Forklift mod loader
Extract the .pak files of your choice, place them inside Shenmue3/content/paks/~mods folder.
Sound folder goes into Shenmue3/content/ and replace all.

Consult the readme in the 'DOCS' section above for issues and concerns.