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Shadows Awakening 1.3.1
For Steam Version.
MAKE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL Assembly-CSharp.dll located here Steam\steamapps\common\Shadows Awakening\shadows_Data\Managed

• 100% + all resistance and healing power effects any/all characters even DLC's. No damage from enemies or environment
will see your characters adding health from each attack or exposure
• Infinite Mana for rapid skill attacks
• No Cool Downs
• Inventory capacity at 9999
• Enabled Console commands press ~ or ` on US keyboards while in-game or menu. The key is called "Tidle"
• Run and attack faster
• Game maps mine and net/edited added to mod link

• "Ziggurat of Sun trials" In Dura Tyr. The "test or anger" need one of the character to die and never attack.
So i saved just after i warped in and prepare yourself for the fight. Shutdown game and swap Assembly-CSharp.dll with original.
Load your save your inventory will be over maxed so cant pick up anymore items. Get killed. Before leaving through portal save,
shut down and swap Assembly-CSharp.dll with the modded one. All Inventory remains unchanged. All Stats are back.

:: Contact
PM Me on Nexus Mods Site For Advise and/or Reports. I Don't Check Posts Everyday or Every week With Over a Dozen Mods I've Made.

:: Console Commands List I Use More on internet.
runes (give all essences)
gold (then add a number after),
itemsall (gives 2099 items freezes game for 10 sec or more to load it all),
stones (gives all stones needed for tombs and dungeons),
Karma of character (enter the name only to add 1 more),
reveal_map (says it all).