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Original story. Built as I was learning the editor. Echo Chapter One complete. About 45 minutes - hour of gameplay. Made for new characters. Welcome to the Echo...

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“Are these memories or just and Echo? "

“Down and out is how it usually starts. This time you’re so down your face might as well be in the gutter. You came to Seattle looking to make a name for yourself. Instead you found yourself here on B Street. You've got both feet in the gutter there aint no place to go but up or dead. "

Hey all, Vapors here,

I would like the community to see this as a, hey if this guy could make this so can I sort of thing. I built Echo, as I started to learn the editor. I love to play other people's UGC, and I have played most all of them up to date. But, I started building Echo as a "this is what I want to see" sort of thing. It’s not perfect and the story is a little disjointed IMO (Hey I wrote it ). My maps are not well planned out (IMO again but they work. You can see some progression in the quality of my maps because they are literally the first ones I ever build just learning the editor, I won't tell you which scene was the first map I built, I'll let you guess.)

Built as a background story for new characters (Actually based on one of my old PnP Shadowrun character's background stories)

Dark and Noir at times (But I stay up all night writing this stuff and sometimes it gets silly)

There is a nod to the movie Bladerunner, in a what if alternate reality sort of way (I throw canon out the window if it gets in my way)

Very story driven. (I am trying to tell a story )

Semi limited Branching dialog options, did that make sense? (I steer the player to certain ends, go back to me telling a story. Certain optional dialog decisions will effect events in the game but won't deviate you from the main story line)

Mini sandbox (Echo chapter one is sort of a Hub where I can branch off and continue the story if I make new chapters )

Moderately heavy trigger and variable usage (I was starting from zero when I began building Echo so my scripting is VERY MESSY. Whole days were spent trying to figure out how to make the engine do what I wanted, I will build an encounter or dialog and playtest it over and over till I think its stable. I realized how important naming conventions are about half way through)

For new characters, leveling is very slow (Echo is about the character not how many karma points you get)

Moderate canon lingo usage. ( As I was writing my Shadowrun chops started to come back. Certain words are used repetitively enough that players who are new will start to get it if they pay attention to contextual usage)

I GM'd Shadowrun 1st edition back in '89, '90 and I am happy to say that this is a pretty close as it gets to what one of my gamming sessions was like ( that's me patting myself on the back ). Oddball at times and curveballs a plenty. I used to make things up as I went ( Hey its how a GM has fun during a gamming session, didn't you know that? )

Edit Notes:

Bugs and scripting reworked.

Republished. ( Again )

Fixed a scene breaker at the end of the game with the biopod conversation
Removed scene transition from Plane yard scene. ( Thanks Wanderlust )
Warning at taxi kiosk now if you are not a decker or do not have enough money to hire one. ( Thanks Brian_Morph and juv3nal )
Rescripted Monitoring station scene transition to remove karma exploit. ( Thanks Johnny )
Team conversation on entering End drive scene will not trigger if you are solo