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Some items and spells i have made for my ugc. Shamanhealing, Magehealing, ChiCasting, Smartguns, Cyberware, tattoos. They come in one rar, just copy the parts you want in your modfolder and reload in the editor.

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Some items and spells i have made for my ugc.
Shamanhealing, Magehealing, ChiCasting, Smartguns, Cyberware, tattoos.
They come in one rar, just copy the parts you want in your modfolder and reload in the editor.


The tattoos are a form of cyberware (find no other way to manage them).

To set up a store you need a conversation with open cyberscreen and only the tattoos and no other cyberware
on the merchant, state the point with if essence=6.

This will prevent chars with cyberware to use the shop with the tattoos.
Its exploitable if you buy a tattoo first and then cyberware, but if the player wants
to cheat on him self ....

Body: 2 Body or 1 damagereduction

legs: 1 move or 1 quickness

arms: 1 strengh or 1 armor

head: 1 willpower or 1 charisma.

The tattoos are inspired from a mod i have read about. Dont know how its done there, i have no steam.

1 wanted real smartguns where cyberware replaces skill to some degree.

I have build 2 smgs that needs intelligence and ranged combat (1 or 4) and a datajack.

They get nothing from smg specialisation but come stock with 4 firemodes.


Single: 1 Bullet, 5% to hit, increased critdamage
Burst: 4 Bullets, 2 Attacks, increased critdamage
Spray: 6 Bullets, may hit other targets, aoe-min-range 3, -5 to hit
suppression: 9 bullets, may hit other targets, aoe-min-range 4, -10 to hit, -2 hp +1 ap damage

Dont know if they are balanced.

3 Healingspells for conjuring, all with pbae of 3 around the shaman using it.

Conjuring 2: Spiritheal I, 10 healing
Conjuring 4: Spiritheal II, 15 healing
Conjuring 6: Spiritheal III, 20 healing

Looks not that much in the first, but its on all friends around you what adds up.

I have used the icons of the air barrier for them.

There are not buyable healingspells for mages.
I have copied 2 and made them as "upgrades" of healwounds.

Spellcasting 1: Healwounds I (original spell) <-- not included
Spellcasting 3: Healwounds II (heals 20 hp)
Spellcasting 6: Healwounds III (heals 30 hp)

I tried to make the adept more fun by adding 1x adept attack (to bad, not the way i wished) and 3 spells.

I could not add the 1x strike to the specialisation.
My workaround are 2 katanas useable with chicasting and added 1xstrike.
The 2 original 2x and 3x strikes i changed a little too, to match the new one.
(If you do not want this, just delete the "Sword X Katana Spe" in the items/melee folder and the 2x and 3x attack in the abilities folder.)

Chicasting 2: Chi Concentration (Healing hands): 25 selfheal
Chicasting 4: Pain reduction: 2 damagereduction for 3 rounds
Chicasting 6: Chi wind: +1 ap for 2 rounds

This mod was inspired by the SteetsamuraiCatalog from trackertracker

This mod contains much less items (cyberware only!) then the ssc and i tried to balance them into the game, stats and cost wise. My intention was to make it less overwelming and more modular without the weapons.

Basic: 1 streng, 5hp, -1.5essence, 5000
advanced: 2 strengh, 5hp, -1.2 essence, 8000
muscle replacement: 1 strengh, -0.6 essence, 6500
medic: 5hp, 1 biotech, heal 20, -1 essence, 12000
drone: 5hp, 1 dronecontrol, heals drone for 20, -1.4 essence, 10000
gyro: 5hp, 1strengh, 3 accuracy, activation gives +7 accuracy, +3 ranged combat, -1.3 essence,9500.

Adrenalinepump, activation for +1ap, 4move, -1 essence, 9000
dermalplating: 3 armor, 1 body, -1 essence, 7500
dermalsheating: 1 damagereduction, -1.5 essence, 12500
bonelacing: 3 body, 1 strengh, -2 essence, 10000
adaptive sheating: 1 armor, activation -15 to hit on enemys, -0.8 essence, 15000

standart: 2 accuracy, -0.5 essence, 1000
visionmag: 4 accuracy, -0.4 essence, 3000
rangefinder: 6 accuracy, -0.5 essence, 5000
smartlink: 2 accuracy, -0.5 essence, activation for mark target for 15% to hit, 7500

standart: 1 Quickness, 1 Move,5hp, -2 Essence, 5000
advanced: 1 quickness, 2 move,5hp, 1 dodge, -1.4 essence, 9000
musclereplacement: 1 quickness, 1 move, -0.9 essence, 7500
autoinjector: activation for selfheal 20, -0.2 essence, 3500


6x lingua single: 1 etiquette (no shadowrunner aviable), -0.3 essence, 1500
3x lingua double: 2 matching etiquettes, -0.3 essence, 4000
5x skillwires: +2 skill, -0.4 essence, 5000 (ranged, close, biotech, dodge, throwing aviable)

paineditor: activation: 2 damagereduction, 1 willpower, -1 intelligence, -0.5 essence, 12000
encephalon: +1 intelligence, -0.5 essence, 10000
dronecontroll: 1 dronecontroll, activation makes drone better, -0.8 essence, 12000
standart: -0.3 essence, 500