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55 weapons and 69 cyberware (over 270 if you include grades) parts from the original pen-and-paper Shadowrun game are recreated.

Permissions and credits
Weapons, Cyberware, and Gear from the original pen-and-paper Shadowrun game are recreated.

-This is intended primarily to show others what is possible and for others to pick apart as a tutorial.
-Feel free to use and distribute this in your own User Generated Content (with credit to me, please)
-I do not promise that any of this is well-balanced in comparison to the standard weapons.
-Some of the Catalog's weapons were already in the game. I recreated them in order to give them more fitting attributes, like Full Auto for some SMGs.
-The pre-existing versions of the weapons will still exist and function, I did not replace them, only recreated a new version of each. The skill-level abilities will not work with new guns but still work with old guns.

Version 4 (11-5-2013)
-Removed Called Shot - Eye. It was silly and blindness would sometimes cause a bug that broke the AI and forced the player to restart.
-Most attack abilities, such as the Called Shots, now require only 1 AP. Some of them had their accuracy adjusted for balance.
-Removed the accuracy penalty from Double Fire.
-Adjusted the accuracy mods of BF/FA and widened their critical range. These modes will now be very good if you have the correct Specialization.
-Shotguns and the Ares Viper now do less damage on Critical Failures (Weak!) which reflects the flechette weakness to armor. Shotguns work better against lightly-armored opponents and when you have a high Shotgun Specialization.
-Shotguns and the Ares Viper no longer have access to Called Shots, except the Defiance t-250, which uses slugs. This is because the AOE effect of shotguns would disarm, headshot, large groups of people, which was not intended.
-Weapons listed as having a Laser Sight or Smartlink now get +5/10% bonus to accuracy instead of +3/5%, respectively.
-AP-Boosting Cyberware (Wired Reflexes, Boosted Reflexes, and Move-By-Wire) no longer needs activation to function. Thanks, HBS!
-Created a combined Concealability/Legality rating for items. 0=Legal or easily concealed (Hold-Out Pistols), 1-2=Legal but suspicious (Pistols), 3-4=legal but suspicious and increasingly large (Concealable SMGs), 5-6=Semi-legal (SMGs), 7-8=Illegal (smaller Rifles), 9-11=Illegal, large, military (Rifles, heavy armor). The concealability rating adds up on the player, so someone with a Conceal 2 Pistol and an SMG effectively has a 7 Legality rating. This works in-game and in the editor by giving you a Drain Resistance Skill bonus, something that is not used in-game and doesn't actually help you resist drain.
-The highest tier of armor now counts as Legality 11. Walking around in military-grade armor is pretty conspicuous.

Version 3g (8-10-2013)
-Added tiered versions of the player outfits, much like the other pack that I can't currently find on the Workshop to give them credit for the idea. They are stripped of stat bonuses, instead granting 1-3-6-8 armor in the different tiers, with the last tier giving you 1 Damage Resistance, too. I might expand this, a bit, to give you more options.
-Added equipment lists for each tier of outfit.
-Cyberware now works on NPCs correctly. To fix this I had to put all cyberware in the same Sorting Groups in the editor as the vanilla DMS cyberware.
-NPCs will not use custom cyberware activation abilities. To combat that I added NPC-only versions of Boosted Reflexes, Wired Reflexes, and Move-By-Wire that just grant them the bonuses constantly.
-Burst Fire now shoots two bullets that each do +50% damage and Full-Auto now shoots five bullets that each do +100% damage. My workaround that got them to shoot three and ten bullets would sometimes cause the NPC AI to break and just stand around or hang for 3-5 seconds. This will also effect Pin Down and Meatshot. I'll keep looking into solutions.
-The big machine guns now have Strength requirements to use them.

Version 3f (8-8-2013)
-Gambit over at the Nexus created Alpha, Beta, and Delta versions of all of my cyberware. These are versions will lower essence costs but greatly increased prices. Thanks! High-level runners will appreciate it (until GMs make them face guys with Move-By-Wire III)!
-Added AK-97 Assault Rifle
-Added some more equipment lists for merchants and updated the existing lists for added items
-Fixed some typos
-The "Dick Cheney" bug: All burst-fire AoE guns...the Enfield and Mossberg shotguns and the Ares Viper Slivergun may shoot your friendly targets in a 360-degree sweep, sometimes. This is very unfortunate and I will try to come up with a way to fix it soon.

Version 3e (8-7-2013)
-Fixed numerical and textual errors.

Version 3a,b,c,d (8-7-2013)
-Continuous bug fixes and tweaks.
-The Street Samurai Catalog will now be posted as a data-only pack. It will no longer include a testing area, but can now be used as a dependency.
-Burst Fire will now properly shoot 3 bullets. It was only shooting 2 before. Note the animation will fire a burst and then a single shot after.
-Full Auto will now properly fire 10 bullets. The animation will fire two long bursts.

Version 3 (8-4-2013)
-Minor bug fixes and tweaks to weapons.
-Added the three SSC v1 Melee weapons back in.
-Added tons of cyberware. See list below. Cyberware is mostly based around PnP rules, but cannot perfectly duplicate many PnP features or usefulness. I have done my best to get creative and make it interesting, tactical, and fun. It also gives players a reason to save up for that big upgrade...
-Players in SRR only effectively have 5 Essence instead of 6. Whenever possible I used the PnP sourcebook essence * 0.85 to make it work "right"
-The cybereye socket also includes some other parts. This is to allow a good diversity of cyberware bits, allowing you to have both wired reflexes and dermal armor, for instance.
-All items that go into the datajack slot also act as a datajack, allowing you to use a Deck or Smartlinked weapons. Datajacks do not grant you Mark Target, any more.
-Cyberware activation abilities:
----Adaptive Coloration: Activate to give opponents a penalty to hit (15% on dermal sheathing)
----Boosted Reflexes, Wired Reflexes, and Move-By-Wire all have to be activated (see bugs below). Activation is free and lasts 5 rounds.
----Vehicle Control Rig's Jack-In: You take personal control of a drone, effectively trading your 1 AP to give your drone +1 AP and some Move/Accuracy bonuses. This is to emulate the PnP Rigger's abilities and should make drones a lot cooler.
----Smartlink Mark Target: Like the former Datajack ability.
----Repair: There is a Cyberarm with an integral tool kit for drone repair, allowing you to repair your drones for +10 HP
----Medkit: There is a Cyberarm with an integral medkit, allowing you to heal your friends for +8 HP (going to try to get it to work nicely with the Biotech skill)
----Edit Pain: Pain editor's activation ability that reduces incoming damage by 2 points.

Version 2 (8-2-2013):
-Steam treated this as a new content pack instead of an update. Sorry, it is probably my fault. This is where future updates will happen.
-Re-made all SSC v1 guns according to standardized rules.
-Added guns from PnP core sourcebook.
-All guns are now usable with Ranged Combat 1
-Recreated all gun modes, removed the standard abilities gained when gaining Specializations.
-All guns with Semi-Auto (SA) or Single Shot (SS) mode have the following abilities - no specialization is required to use them:
----Called Shot - Disarm
------You: -15% Accuracy, +1 AP to shoot, Target: Disarmed on crit, takes normal damage.
----Called Shot - Leg
------You: +1 AP to shoot, Target: -3 Move for 5 rounds on hit
----Called Shot - Headshot
------You: +1 AP to shoot -25% Accuracy, Target: Triple damage on Crit, normal damage on Weak
----Called Shot - Eyeball
------You: +1 AP to shoot -35% Accuracy, Target: As Headshot, also Blinded for 5 rounds.
-Guns with burst fire and full-auto can now have Recoil Compensation (RC). This was assigned to guns based on the PnP rules and weapon descriptions.
-RC 1/2/3 provides +5/10/15 accuracy bonus when using Burst Fire or +10/15/25 on Full-Auto.
-Burst Fire (BF) attacks 3 times at -30% accuracy (-25%/20/15 with Recoil Comp)
----All guns with BF mode have the Meatshot ability:
------You: +1 AP to shoot -25% Accuracy, Target:BF damage, Bleeds -10HP for 3 rounds
-Full Auto (FA) attacks 8 times at -50% accuracy (-40%/25/25 with Recoil Comp)
----All guns with FA have the Pin Down ability:
------You: +2 AP to shoot -40% Accuracy, Target:FA damage, target can't move that round.
-Added Double ability for double-barrel weapons
-Added Silenced versions of most abilities.
-Added Narcoject ability, Target: -5 move and -2 to all attributes for 5 rounds
-Added Taser ability, Target: -1 AP for a round
-Guns listed as having Smartlink in the PnP rules provide a flat +5% accuracy bonus on guns that have it and require a datajack.
-Guns listed as having a Laser Sight gain a +3% accuracy bonus for roughly the first half of their range, but require no datajack.
-Some guns had other stats tweaked in order to make the rules, descriptions, and decker-fluff text in sourcebooks.
-Gun ranges now use a curve instead of linear distance penalties.

Ares Crusader MP
Ares Light Fire 70)
Ares Light Fire 70 (Silenced)
Ares Predator
Ares Predator II
Ares Viper Slivergun
Beretta Model 200ST
Beretta Model 101T
Browning Ultra-Power
Ceska Scorpion
Ceska vz120
Colt American L36
Colt Manhunter
Defiance Super Shock
Fichetti Security 500
Fichetti Security 500a
Narcoject Pistol
Ruger Super Warhawk
Seco LD-100
Streetline Special
Tiffani Self-Defender
Walther Palm Pistol
Colt M22A2
Czech vz 88 v
Heckler & Koch G12A3z
Narcoject Rifle
Ranger Arms SM-3
Ruger 100
Ruger 750
Ruger 950
Ruger Sporter 10/22
Walther MA 2100
Defiance T-250
Enfield AS-7
Mossberg CMDT
Remington Model 990
Remington Roomsweeper
Winchester Model 21
AK-97 Carbine SMG
Beretta Model 70
Heckler & Koch HK227 (Silenced)
Heckler & Koch HK227
Heckler & Koch MP-5 TX
Ingram Smartgun
Sandler TMP
SCK Model 100

Centurion Laser Crescent Axe
Defiance AZ-150 Super Stun Baton
Ares Monofilament Sword

Cyberarm - Basic I, II
Cyberarm - Robotic Diagnostic Interface
Cyberarm - Gyromount
Cyberarm - Medkit Trauma Tool
Muscle Replacement I, II, II, IV

Bone Lacing I, II, III
Dermal Plating I, II, III
Dermal Sheathing I, II, III

Standard Datajack
Encephalon I , II, III, IV
WIREHEAD® Linguasoft - Academic
WIREHEAD® Linguasoft - Corporate
WIREHEAD® Linguasoft - Socialite
WIREHEAD® Linguasoft - Corporate + Socialite
Skillwires - Biotech I, II, III
Skillwires - Close Combat I, II, III
Skillwires - Decking I, II, III
Skillwires - Dodge I, II, III
Skillwires - Drone Control I, II, III
Skillwires - Ranged Combat I, II, III
Skillwires - Throwing I, II, III
Subprocessor Unit

Boosted Reflexes I, II, III
Cyber Eyes I, II, III
Move-By-Wire I, II, III
Pain Editor
Smartlink Controller
Vehicle Control Rig I, II, III
Wired Reflexes I, II, III

Boring Legware:
Cyberleg - Basic I, II


-I try to leave the files open and available to other people who want to create their own items. I want people to use my stuff, that's why I made it.
-I try to stay close to the PnP rules to give a 1st/2nd/3rd edition feel to the combat.
-Don't overbalance things. Shadowrun is a game where people with good gear and money are better than those without. You run to get better stuff so you can do harder runs and get paid more to buy better stuff.
-Shadowrunners are outnumbered, just a small team with a gun and a plan that will inevitably fall apart. They need every edge that they can get and it is up to GMs to give them challenges that suit different styles of play.
-The thing that balances Rifles and Pistols is concealability and legality. It is up to GMs to make pistols viable in their UGC by having people react to a guy with an assault rifle differently than they would someone with a light pistol.
-Some abilities are better than others. Some are situational. I opened all abilities to all skill-levels so that players can choose which abilities are useful at the moment and when to risk trying fancy shots instead of doing guaranteed damage. Instead of making Full Auto require a Rifles-3, I made it have a hefty accuracy penalty that will require the player to get the skill or cyberwear necessary to use it effectively.


-Add weapons from more Shadowrun PnP sourcebooks, starting with the core rulebook (Done, v2)
-Full rebalance of all SRR weapons and new weapons around 2nd/3rd Edition rules (Done, v2)
-Add cyberware from PnP sourcebooks and expand selection greatly. (Done, v3)
-Full rebalance of all SRR cyberware around 2nd/3rd Edition rules. (Done, v3)
-Create modes and abilities specifically for guns with shoulder stocks, gas vent, laser sights, smartlinks, imaging scopes, underbarrel grenade launchers, and other accessories. (Mostly Done - gotta figure out the grenade launcher, v2)
-Further balancing of Ranged Combat abilities and gear, inevitable bug fixing.
-Further balancing of cyberware, inevitable bug fixing, find something interesting for cyberlegs.
-Add magic foci, "bound spells" and other magic bonuses that can fit in the cyberware slots at 0 Essence to give buffs and some of the functionality from the PnP game.
-Full rebalance of melee...somehow get it to be fun, viable, and based off of PnP Shadowrun while not being overpowered.
-Full rebalance of magic.

Current annoyances and bugs (11-5-13):

1) There is a bug with AP. Everyone gets +1 AP when they hit 100 Karma, normally.

If they have already gotten the 100 karma +1 AP bonus and they equip +1 AP cyberware they will have 4 AP total.

If they equip +1 AP cyberware BEFORE getting the 100 karma +1 AP bonus they will only have 3 AP, still.

UPDATE: This is fixed, Thanks, HBS!

2) Upgrading or changing out cyberware parts really messes with your essence. I think it rounds somewhere and you can end up having only 1 Essence despite only having a total of 0.5 Essence worth of cyberware.

Installing a 0.7 Essence part plus a 1.3 Essence part costs 3 Essence because math is hard.

3) I still have no idea what determines when one piece of cyberware can be replaced by another in the cyberware shop screen. Cost, maybe? Also, if you want to replace a 2.0 Essence-cost part with a 4.0 Essence-cost part it won't let you, because it thinks it is going to drop your Essence too low, even if the end result would be above 1.

4) (8-4-13) The Slivergun and burst shotguns do 360 friendly fire, for some reason. Oops. Sorry Melee-focused teammates for the tiny bits of lead in you! (8-6-2013) This is actually because all shotgun and AoE gun effects (including spray and pray) can occasionally glitch and hit your teammates, not something specific to my mod. UPDATE: This is apparently fixed.