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Coyote continues her crusade against the BTL industry that changed her life forever during the events of the Dead Mans Switch.

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The Price of Conviction: Coyotes Crusade - Chosen for HBS Shadowlab #1!!!!

Hoi, chummers! Some of you may already know me from the Shadowrun Universe boards. I'm Masque and welcome to the first module in the PoC series. Coyotes Crusade sets the stage for a series of stories (an Anthology of sorts) that are connected and intertwined together at various levels to eventually reach a collision point.

If you have not completed Dead Mans Switch you may want to do so. Though Coyotes Crusade is very spoiler light you will require the proper perspective on both her and Paco to appreciate it.

In this story you'll be at the helm of Coyote as she pursues her vendetta against the BTL industry. This module is assuming that her vengeance path was taken and that Ginos life was lost. I have also made the decision to roll Coyote and Paco back in strength for balance reasons. I wanted to make a gritty mission involving gangs and such and couldn't justify insanely strong Halloweeners. As a side benefit, I found it somewhat more tactical.

What you can expect from Coyotes Crusade:

* A fun, lore compliant linear mission that paves the road for future content.
* Strong writing and an original story with great care taken to maintain the integrity of the canon characters involved. I also attempt to bridge the gap between DMS and the Lone Wolf novel in regards to Paco.
* A mission where you can literally go in guns blazing at every turn OR intimidate and legwork your way through the entire thing (except for the final encounter) through dialog. Dialog options aren't always obvious, sometimes reactions may surprise!
*Conversations that matter! To current and future episodes.
*Replayability. Some times new and interesting roleplaying moments happen when you take a different course of action or the more difficult road.
*An Easter egg or two for series veterans.
*The game is over if Coyote or Paco die! Since buying a Doc Wagon might be the difference between hiring a Shadowrunner and not... Extra care must be taken and foolish risks are punished!

Please report any bugs might encounter or any spelling issues. This can be considered a polished Beta for all intents and purpose. I was learning the editor on this one and I have to say, it's been a hell of an experience. I hope you enjoy the first mission of The Price of Conviction!

Please leave feedback either here or at the Shadowrun Universe board!

Change Log

Update - V 2.1

Small Bugs and last typos corrected.
Some small flow of story fixes.
More cover added!
Waypoints added!
Dragonfall start bug fixed!

Update - V 1.9 (Shadowlab Version)

Final polish for Shadowlab segment
Added some dialog content.
Fixed some combat issues where players weren't getting to go first in situations where they should.
Fixed some animations.
Polished some more dialog strings
Removed equip screen at the beginning of two scenes as they were unnecessary.

Update - V 1.8 (HBS Shadowlab Beta)

- Repaired the return of the Slidestep karma exploit
- Fixed bug that denied entry to the BTL facility
- Repaired the return of resurrecting Ricky! He should stay dead now if you can't keep him alive ;)
- Fixed apartment stash problems.
- Improved Randal Voss to sell to you at anypoint after you have proven that you have his kind of Nuyen.
- Improved Slidestep conversation tree.
- Fixed misc bugs.
- Quality of life - added doc wagon basic to starting gear, allowed party to heal after the Devils Lot Warehouse.

Update - V 1.7

- Fixed Slidestep dialog so to point you towards Dill so you don't miss him!
- Fixed Dealer resurrecting in later scenes if killed early on.

Update - V 1.6

- Fixed Dill's Docwagon gift exploit
- Gave Ricky better closing dialog
- New dialog functionality for Rattle
- Fixed Ricky spawning in the Devils Lot even if killed in the Den.

Update - V 1.4

- Fixed broken conversation with Slidestep causing unlimited karma rewards.

Update - V 1.3


Update - V 1.2

- Fixed some spelling and grammar issues.
- Slightly edited some dialog.
- Fixed a broken peaceful resolution with Devildive

Update - V 1.1

- Fixed minor bugs reported on Shadowrun Universe forums
- Fixed karma paths (Paco and Ricky will no longer accidentally suck up your karma)
- Fixed inventory bug - You can now unequip default equipment
- Raised starting Ranged Combat to 4 to avoid confusion with the Remington 990