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This unofficial patch fixes several 'Shadowrun: Hong Kong' issues not yet corrected by an official patch.

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By Banjo

This small 'bugfix patch' mod corrects several issues not yet corrected by an official HBS patch, mostly those to do with items or abilities. Not all existing bugs are fixed, so don't expect this to ever replace an official patch, I made it merely as a stopgap measure (hence the 'Slap Patch' name).

Bugfixes will be removed when officially patched, or added when a new (fixable) bug is found.



* 'Attack Dog Bite (Rip Armor)' now causes AP damage as it's supposed to, and is -2 Accuracy instead of +2.
* 'Shoot (Shotgun Burst)' now requires 5 shots to use instead of 6, given it fires 5 shots.
* 'Silenced Flush Target (SMG Burst)' typo fixed.
* 'Shoot (Shotgun Slug)' now has the correct icon.
* 'Shoot (Grenade Launcher) (Fire)' now has a different icon to better distinguish it from the regular grenade launcher shot.
* 'Silenced Shoot (SMG Burst)' corrected; assigned correct animation and changed description to match non-silenced version.
* 'Silenced Shoot (SMG Spray)' corrected; it was set to fire 8 bullets instead of 6 like the non-silenced version. Also assigned correct animation.
* 'Silenced Burst (SMG)' ability added for the sake of completion; this can be used in UGC for SRR-style weapons without the newer Dragonfall DC abilities if desired.
* 'Aimed Shot (HVAR SMG Burst)' description tweaked slightly to make it stand out from the non-HVAR SMG aimed shot ability.

* All Barriers (Air, Fire, Lightning, Hellstorm) now use Conjuring as their core skill; previously, they were randomly mixed between Conjuring and Spirit Summoning for some unknown reason. This is open to change if HBS explain it was deliberate, or should really be Spirit Summoning. Also renamed all 5-area barriers to "Barrier 3" to maintain naming convention with the other barriers.
* 'SP Weaken Armor 2' (Spirit power) has been fixed so that it reduces a target's Armor by 3 (was 4), as per its description and to match the corresponding Spell version.
* The 'Haste IV' spell no longer requires Quickness 7. This was surely a mistake, as no other Haste spell (or indeed *any* spell I can think of) has such a physical requirement.

* Spirit Fetish item now grants the correct Spirit Control +1 bonus it is supposed to.
* Phosphorus Grenade now correctly strips 3 Armor from the target, as the description says (previously only stripped 2).
* Added "Errant" (NPC) version of the Colt TZ-110 with no skill minimum requirement (see Enemies section below).
* Silver Tech Cyberarm (Basic) now has a more "generic" description (not Hong Kong specific) for better use in other UGC.
* The Smartlink version of the Semopal vz88v assault rifle now requires >=2 in Assault Rifle specialization to use (the same as the non-Smartlink version). This was previously set to '3', even though no other gun in the game (or any previous SR game) had an increased skill requirement for the Smartlink version, making this very likely a typo.
* The "Ardent Phoenix" Flame Sword (Weapon Foci) description has been corrected from "On Crit, will ignite the target for 5-7 additional DMG" to "On Crit, will ignite the target for 5 additional DMG", to reflect the weapon's actual capabilities. I tried making it do random 7-5 burning damage on critical, but this is apparently not possible to implement, leading to suggest that the description rather than the weapon stats is the error.

* Class C Support (Robodoc) base version equipment sheet typo fixed (to match all other files, and expected naming convention).

* Errant_Lv3_Elf_Shaman and Errant_Lv4_Elf_Shaman chatacter sheets had incorrect ("swapped") Quickness stats: 4 for Lv3 and 3 for Lv4. This has been corrected for both versions.
* Uncontrolled Earth Spirit ch_sht and inst_sht (levels 1-6) have had the AI (archetype name) changed from 'Player' to 'gumbo_MeleeSoldier', to prevent glitches when adding these NPCs to a map as enemies, and to match all the other Uncontrolled Spirit AI packages.

* Errant_Lv1_Spellcasting now includes the spell Manabolt 1 instead of Manaball 1, as some characters assigned this equipment sheet no longer meet the increased minimum skill requirements for the old spell in SR:HK.
* Errant_Lv4_Explosive, Errant_Lv5_Explosive and Errant_Lv6_Explosive now use the (newly added) "Errant" version of the Colt TZ-110 SMG, since some characters assigned these equipment sheets no longer meet the increased skill requirements for the standard version in SR:HK.


1) Download the '' file and decompress it anywhere on your hard drive.
2) Copy 'SRHK Slap Patch.cpz' and 'HongKong_SP.cpz' to your mods folder (or directly to "YOURINSTALLFOLDER\Shadowrun Hong Kong\SRHK_Data\StreamingAssets\ContentPacks", as I prefer).

Currently based on SR:HK v3.0.8.
Tested on the Windows GOG (v3.0.7) and Steam (v3.0.8) versions of the game, but should work fine with other installs (such as Humble Store, Mac OS or Linux) too.

To use this mod with the Hong Kong campaign, you can simply use the included 'Hong Kong (Slap Patch)' UGC campaign mod.

To use it with other UGC, add 'SRHK Slap Patch' to that mod's dependencies (load it after the 'Shadowrun Core' and 'Hong Kong' items) in the editor.

If you wish, you can rename the files from .cpz to .zip and unpack them, but should be no need to do so unless
you're a curious modder wanting to check out the changes made directly.

Please feel free to suggest any future bugfixes to be added, especially if they have gone unfixed for multiple official patches. Again, engine bugs are beyond my abilities, but anything fixable (items, abilities, stat errors, etc.) is open to being added.

I am personally more focused on "core" functionality fixes (broken items, skills, etc.) than campaign/story bugs, but those issues are welcome too, so long as you can help pinpoint the source.

If a bug is fixed by a new official patch and I don't notice it, let me know and I'll remove the redundant fix from my mod.