Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Replaces deathblow animations to use the Mortal Blade + a few custom animations as well.

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NOTE: Only use after you acquire the Mortal Blade.

-Replaces deathblow animations to use the Mortal Blade + a few general custom animations as well.

-Vault Over can now trigger air deathblows while in mid-jump for some variety. (press R1/RB again while in the air.)

-Enemies that are killed by the Mortal Blade now have a purifying effect. (I think I got most enemies, not sure tho.)

-Edited enemy death animations to be somewhat in-sync with custom deathblow kills.

-Not every animation uses the Mortal Blade (that would prob be annoying imo).

-First time modding a Souls game ever so mb if things are messed up.

1. Make sure u have Mod Engine installed first.
2. Drag and Drop files into your ''mods" folder.

1. Delete folder from your "mods" folder

Tools Used:
"DSAnimstudio" by Meowmaritus : Release DS Anim Studio Version 3.0.5 · Meowmaritus/DSAnimStudio · GitHub
"Sekiro Debug Menu" by LukeYui: Sekiro Debug Menu at Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Nexus - Mods and community (