Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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This mod lets you stop time like DIO from JOJO

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This mod lets you stop time using the Golden Vortex prosthetic. 
Optional files include the [Za Warudo] Sound effect and the DIO player model

  • Download Cheat engine v7.2
  • (Optional) install the DIO model and sound files mod
  • Start Sekiro
  • Load the table
  • Click the [OPEN] script
  • Click the [INITIALIZE] script
  • Click the [Za Warudo] script

The mods settings are highly customizable. For details please watch the showcase/setup video.

The gameplay mod uses CE to alter the games mechanics, therefore a current version of CE is required
The sound effect and model follow the standard modengine installation procedure


[The mod is updated to work with the current GotY Patch 1.06]

This mod only works with the Steam version of the game
mod tables for game version 1.04 and 1.05 are still available

Progress updating all scripts/mechanics to the GotY Patch:

Showcase and Setup:


You can trigger the timestop using hotkey `NUMPAD 4` 
This is more a debugging feature and only stops time and cycles hue
It does not trigger any effects usually activated by the modified prosthetic

- Cheat engine version 7.2 (or greater) to use the main mod
- mod engine is ONLY needed if you want to use the sound or model replacement