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BepInEx plugin Ignore the Placement Collision on Furniture & Snap To Grid.

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Better Furniture Placement Mod
Allows you to HOLD Left Shift(Default) to ignore the placement collision. This will allow you to place furniture wherever you want!
Also includes snapping to grid on by default.


  1. Extract the contents of the into the Steam Folder ("steamapps\common\Rune Factory 5").
  2. Run the Game and HOLD "Left Shift" while placing a piece of Furniture to Ignore Collision.

Configure settings in "\BepInEx\config\BetterFurniturePlacementMod.cfg"
  • AlwaysIgnore - Always ignores placement collision, you don't need to hold any button.
  • SnapToGrid - Toggles the snapping to grid
  • IgnoreButton - Controller Button needed to be held to ignore placement collision.
  • IgnoreKey - Keyboard Key needed to be held to ignore placement collision.
  • DecreaseGrid - Keyboard Key needed to be pressed to Decrease Grid Size
  • IncreaseGrid - Keyboard Key needed to be pressed to Increase Grid Size

Known Issues
  • Launching the game with the Launcher stops BepInEx from working
  • Controller & Keyboard Prompts + Buttons don't play nice, need to fix.