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Adds a bunch of new recipes to the game, many to encourage a "Marry before 1/2 arc" playstyle.

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This is the first release of a recipe mod based on the actual files of RF4 PC, and not a simple port of 3ds files. Hopefully this will fix some errors from misaligned files.

This is a recipe-only mod, that changes and adds a bunch of recipes, some of which had already been added in the test mod. There is no change to any other file than the recipe ones, and while it overwrites all recipe changes from the test mod, the rest of the changes there can coexist with this one.

Notable features include:
  •  A way to make all ingredients sold by the shop (including chocolate);
  •  The "ObjectX alchemy" section in the Forge/Tools section, that allow you to get many materials earlier at the cost of an object x and up to 5 of the previous tier materials:
  • - This includes all metals, such from iron to dragonic stone, all gems from amethyst to Diamond, and many hard-to-get materials such as 10-fold steel, ´╗┐Rune crystals and more.
  • Made most healing medicines require a Medicinal herb on its lowest tier, but the 2nd tier only needs growable items. Same is true for other chemicals.
  • The "Seed Maker" section in the chemistry workbench is complete. this allows for every growable to be turned back into seed form, including dungeons and trees.
  • Made salad into a vegan-friendly food again (removed mayonaise), removed sour-drops from grilled fish, and many more cooking changes.

After publishing this mod, I will release the tool I used to make this mod, so you too can create your own recipes.

Full Recipe changelog inside the mod zip.

Installation instructions:

- Drop the files in the zip into the RF4S/Bundle folder.