RoboCop: Rogue City
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  1. HeyJoeHUN81
    • supporter
    • 5 kudos
    Cool, thanks! :)
  2. 001Mavnypd
    • member
    • 1 kudos
    another awesome lil touch thanks for adding this!
  3. outrun74
    • member
    • 1 kudos
    Another awesome one, thanks!
  4. PlasticShorts
    • member
    • 1 kudos
    you just keep making the best type of thing over and over, you haven't missed once
  5. The1Sakishiro
    • premium
    • 4 kudos
    Fifth sound mod up! This one was tricky to do, especially the synth sound. It was interfering with the punch sound, so the punch sound mod was actually a mistake that turned out perfectly instead, lol! So, that's why this is a 2 in 1 mod.

    Stay tuned for more sound mods! And yes, still looking for other modders that can do visual and gameplay mods on this UE5 game. And I'll gladly commission those mods! Any help with the search would be greatly appreciated.

    Don't forget to visit this mod project's main thread from time to time for future updates and info:
    RoboCop: Rogue City Mod Project Main Thread
    1. heg236
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      This is a great gift. Thanks for a great mod! It's nice to see that the creation of audio mods is still going on. It could be more perfect if we could also hear servo sounds when we move our bodies. And I hope to be able to hear the sound not only when I put the gun away, but also when I take it out:)
    2. The1Sakishiro
      • premium
      • 4 kudos
      Trust me, that kind of mod where you can hear the original servo sounds while turning the game camera, would definitely be THE ultimate dream mod for me, and would make this game truly unique, and REALLY make you feel like you control RoboCop. But I don't know if it's even possible.

      But IF possible, that kind of mod would definitely work best on a controller with analog sticks. Because then you could have both the low pitched upper torso servo sound when you fully press the right analog to any direction, and when pressed gently, you hear the high pitched servo sound instead that is used in the movies when Robo just turns his head.

      Wow... Can you imagine how incredibly awesome that would be if it was done, and even worked for VR when you turn your own head?... Man, goosebumps! 😄
  6. CptSlapaDome
    • premium
    • 4 kudos
    What's this?

    Oh, just another beautiful work of art!

    Thank you!