Risen 3: Titan Lords
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This Mod improves the combat AI for human-like creatures, goblins and some other enemies.

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-Nate Bonnett's Risen 3 AI Mod-

Take a look at the new Risen 3 Real Enhanced Edition, which includes an updated version of this mod.

In my opinion one of the worst things in Risen 3's combat system was the AI. The human enemies were waiting in a queue to be hit. The same goes for goblins.
With this AI mod they will attack together, that makes fighting against many enemys much more challenging. Each of the Crew members is now fighting with an invidual AI, which makes them more interesting. On the one hand there is Mendoza, a powerful warrior with great combat skills, who parries and counters most attacks. On the other hand there is Patty, an agile piratess with great skills in dodging incoming attacks. Goblins are using their pistols, if they can't hit you, snappers are much better in dodging your attacks and there will be no stupid Quick Time Event during the fights.

Copy the files 2_na_sec.pak and documents.pak into the data/packed folder. First you need to rename documents.pak in the same folder. If you use the Risen 3 Enhanced Edition you need to use the respective documents.pak.