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This mod adds timers to: StandingLamp, Heater, PowerSwitch.
copy and paste timer settings between items with timers
Time adjustments LMB+1h, RMB-1h

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This mod adds timers to: StandingLamp, Heater, PowerSwitch.

It's compatible with TurnOnOffRe Powered and I highly recommend it.

Cooler was left out intentionally (I'm little biased since I prefer cold biomes). Other buidlings can be controlled with the power switch which will result in a time scheadule of pawn tasks as unpowered benches are ignored by pawns.

copy and paste timer settings between items with timers
Time adjustments LMB+1h, RMB-1h. 
Heater reset temp and +/-10 deg buttons were removed (I didn't find them used often enough to justify the UI clutter)
PowerSwitch can be uninstalled and moved now.

I have changed the ticker type of PowerSwitch from vanilla Normal (60/s) to Rare (every 5s), I have tested functionality together with any effects on power consumption of connected equipment and found no ill effects due to this change.

I have decided against custom tech to enable this feature. Custom tech would imply adding a new version of each building, otherwise the already existing buildings would sprout timers on their own, which is silly. I felt like adding new building variations would introduce too much UI clutter. Lots of work for messy implementation. So the timers are a free upgrade till I find a cleaner way of implementing the upgraded buildings. 

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Existing saves are compatible, old items will either have to be rebuilt or destroyed/added with dev console (if you going to add a standing lamp of certain style with dev console there will be a one time error, ignore it, this error doesn't show up unless using dev console so the lamp is unaffected when being constructed then unistalled).

Removing the mod from a saved game will require destruction/deconstruction of all affected items prior to un-install.

This mod is a stripped/modified/extended (in that order) version of PowerSwitch by Haplo: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=2890.0A lot of code and some textures were created by Haplo, so if you enjoy the mod give him some love.

Any resemblence either in features or code to any other mod is coincidental, I have looked at other mods with similar features but Haplos implementation was the cleanest, offered exactly what I wanted and it was easy enough to extend the timer feature to other buildings.

This code is released under the Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 InternationalThe full license text can be found here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/