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This patch applys multiable patches to allow furniture from other mods to link with each other.

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This patch applys multiable patches to allow furniture from other mods to link with each other.

Mod Support
-AI Uplifting Assistant
-Advanced Brewery
-Advanced Electric Stove
-[RWY]Advanced Mechanoid Warfare
-Akeron Decorations
-Animal Medical Bed
-Archotech Re-Expanded
-Area Rugs 2.0
-A Rim Reborn - Core
-Clockwork And Steam
-Comigo's Adequate Cooking Expanded
-Comigo's Nutrition
-Commercial Server
-CTS - Complete Tech Solutions (Continued)
-Cybernetic Storm
-Cyber Fauna 1.3
-Eccentric Tech - Core
-Erin's Japanese Furniture
-Expanded Materials Add-On - Minimalist Production
-Expanded Materials - Metals
-[LITE]Expanded Materials - Metals
-Expanded Materials - Plastics
-Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering - Forked
-Fast regen 1.4
-Geyser Cooking Revived (Continued)
-Glitter Tech
-[sd]Goodnight (Continued)
-Ideology[Official DLC]
-Mechalit Core v2
-Mechalit Faction v2
-Mechanoid Bench 3
-Mechanoid Foundry
-[sd]medicaddons (unofficial)
-Medical IVs
-Medical Supplements
-Medieval Overhaul
-Modern Bed
-More Archotech Garbage Reupload
-More Furniture
-More Linkables
-Moyo-From the depth
-Nanotech Overpower
-Obsidia Expansion
-[O21]Outland - Core
-Powerful Kitchen
-Powerful Smelter
-Research Assistants
-Rim-Effect: Core
-Rim-Effect: Asari and Reapers
-Rim-Effect: Extended Cut
-RimLife Expansion Furniture
-Rimsenal - Core
-Rimsenal - Federation Faction Pack
-Rimsenal - Feral Faction Pack
-Rimputers (No Dubs Bad Hygiene)
-RimVali: Far From Avalon
-Science Never Stops: Ambition of the Cosmic
-Smokeleaf Industry Reborn
-Sparkling Worlds - Full Mod
-[SZ]Super Mechneko - 超级机械猫娘
-[1.2, 1.3]Tank Beds (Fast Sleep)
-Tech Raiding[1.1](continued)
-The Complete Drug Overhaul (Continued)
-[JDS]The Forge - Anvil
-Tiny Workbenchs (Continued)
-Ushankas Luciferium Expansion
-Vanilla Cooking Expanded
-Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Sushi
-Vanilla Factions Expanded - Ancients
-Vanilla Furniture Expanded
-Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module
-Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Power
-Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production
-Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module
-Vanilla Genetics Expanded
-Vanilla Genetics Expanded - More Lab Stuff
-Vault-Tec - Handy things for your vault!
-What the hack?!
-Wall Vitals Monitor
-WorkBench Support - More Linkable Facilities -
-Xenite Industries
-Xenite Industries: Mechanite District
-Apini Playable Race, Continued!
-RimVali: Cuisine
-Swords (Continued)
-Tabletop Decorations
-HALO - UNSC Faction
-[JPT] Soft Warm Beds
-Appliances Expanded
-WVC - Core
-TOT's RimNewEast
- UN-Colony Vanilla (Continued)
- Outland - Furniture & Decor
- Prefab Animal Medical Bed
- Vanilla Furniture Expanded Pack
- Outer Rim - Chiss Ascendancy
- Outer Rim - Galactic Empire
- Outer Rim - Furniture and Decor
- Outer Rim - Mandalore
- Outer Rim - Old Republic
- Outer Rim - Rebel Alliance
- Curious Curios
- Erin's Cottage Collection
- Daily furniture 塔林家具
- Even More Linkables
- Vanilla Helixien Gas Expanded
- Helixien Gas Production
- VGP Garden Fabrics
- VGP Garden Fabrics Simplified
- Eccentric Tech - Spacer Furniture
- Vanilla Recycling Expanded
- [MUS]哥特式吸血鬼家具 Gothicstyle Vampire Furniture
- Vanilla Plants Expanded - Mushrooms
- Gloomy Extra - Kitchen (Continued)
- Edo Themed Expansion