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This mod adds in various new methods of producing power with its own research topics before it can be built. It also adds in two new methods of storing power, and modifies the walls to make more sense in terms of their power transition.

Permissions and credits

Better Power
>> Wind turbines
>> Output: 150
>> Required research: Wind turbine
>> Wind farms
>> Output: 1500
>> Required research: Wind turbine / Wind farm
>> Small steam vents generator
>> Output: 1200
>> Required research: Digging
>> Lava pumping stations
>> Output: 2500
>> Required research: Digging / Pumping
>> More efficient batteries
>> Max storage: 1000
>> Efficiency: 80%
>> Required research: Efficient battery
>> Larger storing batteries
>> Max storage: 2800
>> Efficiency: 30%
>> Required research: Increased Power Storage
>> Does not catch fire in the rain

>> Default metal walls no longer contain power conduits
>> Says it on the tin really?
>> Wall exchange allows for wall piece which with power conduit under it
>> More expensive and take longer to build than normal or powered walls.
>> Cannot click and drag.
>> Powered metal walls
>> Marginally more expensive and marginal build time increase. (You probably won't notice the difference)
>> Required research: Walled conduits

Planned Features:
>> Nuclear reactor
>> Coal plant
>> Gas plant
>> Outdoor batteries
>> More research
>> Better textures
>> Any more suggestions?

How to use:
>> Research the Wind turbine research topic to unlock the wind turbine
>> Then research the Wind farm research topic to unlock the wind farm
>> Repeat for all new methods of power generation

How to install:
>> Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
>> Activate the BetterPower mod in the mod menu in game for default additions.
>> Activate the BetterPowerHard mod in the mod menu in game for changed wall additions

Some of the graphics for the mod have been produced by @The K, who created the WindFarm graphic, and @The Eisbaer, who created the WindTurbine graphic. You will notice that my artistic skill for the other pieces in this mod leave much to be desired, so if anyone at all is willing to aid me with the production of something a little better looking, do let me know. Otherwise I will sort out a much better graphics in the coming days.