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This mod contains batteries and conduits that are insulated against rain and also do not cause fire and/or explosions! Enjoy!

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=============== M-13's Safe Battery ===============

Note: Updated for 1.3!

Hitpoint values for the conduits have been increased, don't be surprised if your colonist start repairing all the conduits like crazy :P

This is a mod about safe batteries and conduits. 
This will provide you with 2 extra batteries (1 with glow, 1 without) that can be used in-game.
These batteries are a bit more expensive to place and will be less efficient, 
but store more energy, prevents battery explosions, and are insulated against rain!
The includes conduits do not cause fires and explosions!
Please note: Cable fires can still happen if you use the vanilla conduits!!


General M-13 

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Donations are never needed, but always appreciated!

                        Install instructions:
Download the Zip file.
Extract Contents to Rimworld/Mods Folder


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Note regarding Mod removal:
If at any time you feel like removing this mod from your game: Deconstruct ALL Batteries (from this mod) from your map first and then proceed to save your game BEFORE removing the mod.

The next time you load your save it should give an error that the research for this mod was not found but won't cause any further issues.

Just save your game with the mod removed and you can continue playing!

Please Note:

If you do not remove all ALL Batteries (from this mod) from your map BEFORE removing the mod, your game will NOT load.
In this case, just reinstall this mod, Repeat the aforementioned steps above and you should be fine ;)