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This mod adds a hygiene need to humanlike pawns.

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This mod adds a hygiene need to humanlike pawns. Over the course of the day it will decrease, and they will find a building to satisfy it. Pawns who are squeaky clean (90%+ hygiene) will get a mood bonus, and a pawn's hygiene determines how likely they are to pick up filth and track it around. Pawns with very low hygiene will be increasingly unhappy.

There are two hygiene-fulfilling buildings: the bathtub, and the shower. The bathtub takes longer to bathe in, but gives your pawns more comfort and looks nicer. The shower is much faster, and smaller, and won't give your pawns an unhappy thought for bathing outside, but requires electricity.

You must design your colony's bathing facilities carefully. Colonists will prioritize showers over bathtubs, but will not use them if they are in a prisoner-marked area or another colonist's bedroom. Pawns will take their clothes off when they shower, and will seek out new clothes afterward, so place clothes nearby so they don't have to do the walk of shame to the stockpile. Prisoners should pick their clothes back up off the floor. Pawns also don't want to be seen by others when they're bathing, and will get an unhappy thought if observed.

Art by Shinzy!