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Are you bored with walls, sculptures, worktables, weapons, and furniture all being some shade of brown or gray? This mod gives colonists the ability to change the color of stone blocks & wood logs. Almost everything made of wood or stone is the color of whatever it's made of, so now you can really customize your colony!

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[1.0] Pick a Color!

Adds bills to the stonecutting table that colonists can use to change the color of stone blocks by "painting" them 20 at a time & adds bills to the sculpting table for changing the color of wood logs by "painting" them 25 at a time. Colors can be removed the same way. New special version with separate bench just for painting now available!
Here's why: Things (walls, sculptures, furniture, swords, etc.) are the same color as the stuff they are made from.
Do you want to build yet another dull, grayish-brown fortress/ compound/ metropolis/ cannibal village/ flakehead trailer park/ intergalactic hippie commune? No. The answer is no! The goal of this mod is to add some colorful customization options to RimWorld in an unobtrusive way that doesn't affect balance(difficulty).

Along the left side of the main picture, you see the plain (unpainted) materials. From the top: wood, granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, and slate. To the right of each material, you see it in it's unique shade of each color.

There is a pair of mods that, together, allow you to make floors out of the colored blocks and logs.
They are called StuffedFloors and ArchitectSense. They aren't on NexusMods, so this is a link to the official RimWorld forum page of Fluffy's Mods
. Some of Fluffy's other mods are incredibly useful as well, so check them out. Thanks Fluffy!

Changing stone/wood colors does not change ANY other stats and can be undone by the "unpaint" or "strip paint" bill. Any mix of colors can go into a recipe and all come out as one color (including plain), as long as they're the same kind of material. Example: 5 plain marble + 5 blue marble + 3 black marble + 7 red marble = any color you want.
Painting takes almost no time, gives almost no XP, and requires no skill level. However, painting stone is a crafting job and painting wood is an art job, so only colonists capable of either job type can do either job.
Except for flooring & a few "building" items, colored stuff can be used to make anything ordinary stuff can. Painted wood can be used as fuel.
The different stone types come out slightly different shades of whatever color they are painted. Marble will be lighter, Slate darker, Limestone has a greenish tint, etc. Wood is somewhere between Marble and Slate in brightness. See demo pic.
This mod changes wood logs and stone blocks to make them look better & have 3 levels of appearance (single, stack, & full stack all look different) instead of 2 levels for wood and 1 for stone. You can see this in the main picture. There is a version without this feature: I posted the link on the Ludeon Forums along with a Extended Woodworking Compatible version. More details and better communication with me here → Pick a Color on Ludeon Forums
Request: I want to see how people use Pick a Color! If you made a colony while using this mod, take a picture and post it here. Doesn't need to be creative or impressive, I just want to see what people are doing with Pick a Color!

Disclaimer:Pick a Color works fine with existing saves. a]This mod adds several new items and bills, but all it changes are 1)the labels of the plain wood & plain stone blocks 2)the textures of wood logs & stone blocks . It will interfere with any mod that also changes these. b]Uninstalling this mod will have no effect on anything except colored stuff and things made from it. Rid your colony of that crap before you deactivate/remove this mod, or it will get ugly. Literally.