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Reduces the amount of steel and work needed to make components.

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Cheaper Components

This mod reduces the amount of steel and work needed to make components at the
component assembly bench.

For industrial components, the steel cost is reduced to 10 (from 12 in B19 and 30 in earlier versions of Rimworld) and the work time is reduced by 40%.
For spacer components, the work time is also reduced by 40% but materials are currently unchanged.


-Unzip the file into the Mods directory in your Rimworld directory.
-Enable the mod in the game's main menu
(mods button)
-You do not need to start a new game.

To install under Steam, you can use the Steam Workshop version. If you want to install under Steam manually (to use an
old version, for example), download from here and install in Steam\Steamapps\common\Rimworld\Mods\


-The mod only changes the recipe for component making and should be compatible with other mods as long as they do not change the same recipe.

Old version information below.

Alpha 13

By default, a component costs 30 steel to make, with the mod this is reduced to 5.
This is more in line with what the steel and components are worth when
bought from traders.

This mod makes no other changes, you will still need to research component assembly as normal.

Alternate Version

If you feel a reduction to 5 steel is too much, you can use the alternate version, which sets the cost to 20. The job length on this version is reduced from standard as well.

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