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So CAPCOM still has this insane idea that games are more spook if the FoV is so tight you get motion sick. So I fixed it. Oh and the vignette. Fixed that too.

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Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix

Hello all! CAPCOM has done it again. Another first person Resident Evil game with a locked FoV and vignette coverage. One imagines they'll trot out the same insane nonsense as last time about it being more spook when you're getting motion sickness. So I wrote a tool to fix it.

  • FoV sliders and vignette slider that update the in-game FoV/vignette in real time!
  • Separate FoV sliders for base FoV, zoom FoV and vignette
  • Hotkey (F1) to toggle fix off for cutscenes (if that's something you'd like)
  • Update agnostic
  • Remembers last set FoV and vignette, and auto-sets
HardMod Edition:
  • Edits the game's exe directly, so you only ever have to open the game
  • Can fix the base FoV and zoom FoV
  • Update agnostic


  • Can dynamically alter the FoV/vignette on the fly
  • Has hotkey to turn off fix for cutscenes if you'd prefer it that way
  • Update agnostic
  • Have to run it with the game each time you play

  HardMod Edition:
  • Only need to run the game
  • Is update agnostic, though requires you to re-run the patch on each game update
  • Cannot change anything dynamically
  • No cutscene hotkey

Known issues/future work:
  • It'd breaking HDR! - It's not. The game oddly forces HDR in fullscreen mode, then has a bug that means it might not turn back on after returning from ALT-TAB/borderless. For now, until the proxy DLL/HEX edit versions are out, run the game in SDR, setup your prefered FoV and vignette and close. Then, from now on, open the mod, then the game.
  • There's a white point in-front of Ethan's hands when his flashlight is on - This is a CAPCOM issue. The standard, locked FoV would hide the point light that makes the flashlight, by virtue of being off screen, at an FoV of 81 and lower.
  • Annoying to need to open a second program - Making hex patcher and proxy DLL soon.
  • iM aN iDiOt AnD dOnT rEaD iNsTrUcTiOnS - Read them.
  • Cutscenes are zoomed out! - Press the F1 key to restore the default FoV, then press again when the cutscene is over
  • The screen seems darker - Override the vignette.
  • The DoF seems to have decreased - It's tied to the FoV. Investigating

  1. Download the tool
  2. Open the archive, and inside, extract the file inside the, "Trainer", folder to somewhere on your machine
  3. Open the tool
  4. Start the game
  5. Slide about the FoV/vignette sliders, and your in-game FoV/vignette will update in real time!
HardMod Edition:
  1. Download the tool
  2. Open the archive, and inside, extract the file inside the, "HardModEdition", folder and place it next to re8.exe, in the root game directory
  3. Open the tool, and follow the prompts to input your desired FoV and vignette
  4. Once it says, "Done!", you're all set!


  • Added vignette override
  • Added slider for real-time vignette adjustment
  • Fixed crash that could occur when saving ini file
  • Huge performance improvement
  • Improved stability
  • Improved error handling
  • Removed "load save game" user prompt, as it is no longer needed
  • Updated process hook validation for release version
  • Added new hotkey functionality to allow users to switch between the modded and default FoV. This is done primarily to workaround the zoomed out cutscenes issue
  • Massive code cleanup (read; I stopped putting off sorting my mess)
  • Improved performance of error logging and display
  • Improved patcher initialisation behaviour
  • Updated UI title
  • Added HardMod Edition
  • Updated NuGets
  • Updated patchers to handle CAPCOM's new vignette code