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Nightmare is a mod that greatly increases the game's difficulty by changing several factors to provide an overall refreshing experience in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Some of these changes included Merchant Prices, Items Sold, Increase of enemy damage, more enemies, ai changes, and much more!

Permissions and credits
(You must own and have the dlc installed to access it)
Nightmare is a mod that greatly increases the game's difficulty by changing several factors. Things like increased merchant prices, changed items in the shop or modified damage values, key item locations, reworked AI will surely require a different approach to many situations. Any difficulty can be used as preferred. There is also an Inferno Version (Now Updated to V1.7) for even faster enemies! NOTE: YOU DO NOT need separate ways to play this mod. You only need it to play Separate Ways itself.


V1.7 is here! V1.7 balances some aspects of the mod, as well as adding some new features to the game here and there, such as a COMPLETE Charm Rework, featuring up to 60% Damage Reduction (+ more with armor!), and 40% Movement Speed! The tutorial section has also been replaced with a "Mod Notes" section for further information about some aspects of the mod. There is also a new version out called Nightmare or Inferno+, that makes the mod slightly harder than the regular versions.
Fixes a Chapter 8 Crash in DOUBLE ENEMY VERSIONS/INSANITY VERSIONS! ALSO ADDS NIGHTMARE INSANITY REAL VERSION. Apparently, the 1.7.2 Nightmare Insanity was just regular nightmare. Normally I download the files to make sure all mods are correct, but I noticed I had actually downloaded it, but used MY version of the mod which is correct, and not the one uploaded. APOLOGIES, THIS WAS THE ONLY wrong version.
MARCH 18, 2024 UPDATE:
Added better drop add-ons, available in the optional file section of the downloads. 

Difficulty Recommendation

I HIGLHY recommend Standard Difficulty on a first run of this mod on Nightmare.
Hardcore Difficulty now plays very similar to how Professional used to be and can be quite challenging in some areas.
Professional Difficulty is now buffed even further and has more enemies in some areas, take greater damage, further improved enemy AI and much more. It is recommended to be played only after a playthrough of V1.7.

The mod is meant for a New Game on any difficulty, with no Bonus Items/Weapons or Accessories, but it is up to YOU to choose how to play.


Enemy Damage is greatly increased in this mod according to the difficulty that is chosen. Most attacks are survivable in All Difficulties, however, there will be some attacks that are not, or barely survivable with the right conditions. Hardcore can be quite unforgiving with the damage of some attacks, with Professional pushing the conditions to survive an attack even further. It is meant to be HARDER than the regular game. This makes YELLOW HERBS, ARMOR and DAMAGE REDUCTION extremely important for survivability, especially since it will be life or death without these on Hardcore or Professional to some attacks. Doesn't hurt to try Standard first!  

More Enemies have been placed throughout the game, with Professional adding even more in some areas. 

The Merchant has now been changed, and offers new items, different items, as well as double price of all items. This includes repair costs, which are more than double. Selling also will NOT be as beneficial, as the price for selling items are less than before. Take care of your gear, you never know when you may need it most!

Along with the Merchant, the Spinel Shop also has received changes to make Spinels more useful. Some items that were originally here are either gone, or have received a lower/higher cost. There are also a new variety of items for purchase such as Armor (you do not repair it with Spinels), Killer7, Attaché Cases and more! The prices may be a bit high, but you are also rewarded with additional Spinels in this playthrough for your efforts. The YELLOW HERBS are INFINITE!

Merchant Requests and Medallions
Merchant Requests also have received some changes. Medallions are no longer in the same positions they used to be, and will require careful looking in order to spot these things. They are much harder to spot than before, and are no longer visible in the map (the correct location). If you managed to find them, you will be rewarded with THREE more Spinels than normal. This also includes changes to the STRONG FOE requests, which will also grant you FIVE additional Spinels, in exchange for a tougher fight. GOOD LUCK spotting these things, they may not be easy.

Most of the Key Items, as well as some Jewels and ALL Small Keys are no longer in their original positions. Look carefully for where they may be, and some may even be on enemies. The treasure map may still prove useful if you are NOT aware of all the original treasure locations, as a ITEM may be there instead. 

Crafting also received many changes for what can be crafted, the resources required, and for what you can make. Most new recipes are seen in the Crafting Menu.


Some items in the spinel shop may not have the correct icon
The Mini-Map does NOT show the correct location of keys and Medallions. It is for YOU to find.
Putting on the Turtle Charm charm or similar will show incorrect perks. 
The Cases will not go away after being bought. Although it let's you click them again, money is NOT consumed.
Please note: You CAN Switch between any version (Such as No Damage Changes, Or Inferno, Or Nightmare at any time (As long as they are the same version number like V1.7 Currently). This is helpful if you are stuck, or simply don't agree with a change for a part/section of the game.
Lastly, Separate Ways Attaché Cases will be listed incorrectly for some properties. These can be found in the Mod Notes Section :)

Latest Mod info, as well as a good place to get fast replies relating to my mod, or modding in general can either be through nexus forums messaging, commenting in posts section, or the quickest (and easiest for me), My Youtube Channel

 Note: They will still be around the same general area as follows: Chapter 1 - Anywhere from the Farm and before progressing past the Wheelbarrow. Chapter 3 - One in the Quarry, One at the Docks (area with the useable boat for CH3), and the rest at Fish MarketChapter 7 - Areas before progressing through the Double Castle Doors (One is easier to spot from near the Merchant Area, but the rest are past the Head-eater Plagas guy). Chapter 9/10 - One in Gallery(Bridge Room), One in Dining Room, One in the room with Knights, and the rest in the Ballroom. Chapter 14 - All around the Cargo Exterior Area, before using the lift with Ashley to the top. This includes the Wrecking Ball Area. Chapter 15 - All Around the Cliffside after the Helicopter Crash, before going through the doors to the Regeneradors in bags.

Castle Weights NOTE:
The Weights for the castle section such as the Battlements with El Gigante are still within their area of the game, and will not be found elsewhere. This means you will not find the weight to open the gate to the El Gigante area at the start of the Castle for example. 


To install NIGHTMARE mod, you will need "Fluffy Mod Manager" which can be found here or on the download requirements:

Extract the version you chose folder (like Nightmare V1.7.2) inside of /"your mod manager folder"/Games/RE4R/Mods
Open up Fluffy Mod Manager (You may need to Refresh Mod List if you had it open prior)
Click on the "Text" Category
Click the Switch next to version to enable the mod so it is to the right, or click it again to uninstall it.


Nexus allows user videos and images



FluffyQuack for the mod manager
The REtool 
RE_REZ Template
EMV-ENGINE  by AlphaZomega
RE4 Overlay and Cheat Utils
Capcom for making this amazing remake