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reshade mod

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Enhanced Graphics mod :

this Reshade preset make the games looks better compare to its original vanilla graphics setting.
this include Reshade settings and Ray Tracing settings

you may check my channel for this mod:

first this is original RE4 game not remastered or the HD project it might having some issue cause probably it might they using same dll(similar dll files) and I'm not testing it yet on hd project mod together with my preset.for all my videos I'm only using reshade shaders fx and Marty's mcfly's ray tracing global illumination (rtgi) and not the others (ENB and sweet.fx).
Instructions :

open your game go to option set your resolution,then you must turn it off the fxaa of this game(fx will not work if the fxaa are on)

exit to the game then install the reshade to your main directory (RE4 exe)

copy my preset files to your main directory
on the reshade setup I'm using dxd9(if you didn't see any dxd9 try the older version.

open your game follow the tutorial
on the top it will ask you any preset file just click box then sellect my preset file then press enter.

on my preset  you must press home key to open up my settingif you want to change my designated key you must right click on the fx then change what keys you desire.
Ray tracing global illumination (rtgi)
if you use rtgi and you having trouble to make this work go to (Edit Global preprocessor definition)look for the (reverse) then from 0 to 1(default was 0) change it to 1 then press enter.again if rtgi not work go to dxd9 on the upper right cornertweak any of this box and set the rtgi depth buffer
if you don't have rtgi no need to do this.
I hope this will help you.just comment if have any issues to make this work.

Note :

again I'm using Reshade shaders and Marty mcfly's rtgi.fx and nothing else.if you using my preset then installed with other mods please try one by one it might not work together with my mods and the other's,it might same or similar dll so that's why my preset will not work.

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keep safe everyone : )

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Thank you.