Resident Evil 3 (2020)
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This mod replaces Carlos with Nemesis.

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He was born as a weapon...but now he has the chance to face his maker.

We already got a mod to make Nemesis friendly. But what if I tell you that I can bring this to the next level by making Nemesis your companion throughout the entire game?

By using this mod, Carlos will be replaced with Nemesis. Nemesis will be playable in the Hospital/Police Department-Section of the game.

Unfortunately since RE3 was developed with Jill's story on higher priority, Nemesis is semi-playable. You can work around this if you can find a way to make Carlos playable in Jill's sections.

Other than that, enjoy being accompanied by our conscious Tyrant, who developed empathy.

Let him beat his own maker while you're at it, would you? He deserved it...