Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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Different variations of Jill's default outfit. Without the RPD badge.

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As you know, the June 2022 updates made all mods practically incompatible. Just know that I will be taking some time to update my mods as much as I can. It will take some time so please bear with me. For the meantime, you can still use my mods by using the downgrade option Capcom has so generously provided. I do not have an ETA because I'm currently working on a personal, non-mod related project of mine that I'm passionate about so I will have to devote some time to modding in the future. I hope you understand and thank you for your patience. Be good, folks!

Extract from rar folder into the mod folder for Fluffy Mod Manager. It will not work as a rar file alone.

Hey, guys! So when Jill's redesign for RE3 Remake was revealed, I thought it was a good modernization of her classic outfit. Even though her outfit looked very Lara Croft-like, she looked good in it. Overall, I really liked her design. That is... until the game came out.

As it turns out, Jill magically gets ALL her gear from a random dead cop. Yeah, pretty minor but that really bugged me. Especially the police badge. From game announcement to right before launch, I thought it was pretty cool of Jill to include her badge on her outfit. Only to learn the badge was from someone else haha

So I made some adjustments. Multiple. At first, this mod started as me getting rid of the police badge and do a version without the elbow brace. Then it was the front pouch that's bugging me. Got rid of that as well.

Right now, I have SIX variations. A default one but without the badge and front pouch, then no elbow brace, then gloves, off with the holster, just a leg holster but no belt, and finally no gear). I plan on using my mod for when I make my fan movie for the game so I can "headcanon" Jill as getting her gear from the UBCS instead of a dead cop. Like, y'know, the original game? lol

I was also inspired by the Travel Light options from the Jill in Black mod but wanted to try my own hand at it.

And I remember for so long asking people to do this mod but hey, rather get sexy mods right? lol XD XD so, like the famous Thanos once said, "Fine, I'll do it myself!"

Originally made this solely for myself but figured some people might like it. Was convinced by a fellow modder friend to share it on here as well. So please, enjoy!