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Jill as Lady HUNK, replaces Classic costume

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Hello, this is my first model import mod that I’ve finished and wanted to share, so please go easy on me if I missed something lol, this took a long time to make.
I saw a few people requesting this costume earlier and I really wanted it in the game too. This is my take on how the Lady HUNK costume would look like in RE Engine, I didn’t want to just port the model from Revelations so I put together this costume using HUNK's equipment from RE2R and some other models.

Original Lady HUNK was made to look on par with HUNK back then, he got redesigned and now so does she. I did my best to make it look close to the original model while also taking some liberties, I hope you like it!

Use with Fluffy Manager, place the .rar file(s) in modmanager/Games/RE3R/Mods, run the manager and install

Replaces Classic costume. Masked and unmasked versions.

She’ll wear the mask when you’re switched to 3rd person at the beginning.

Update July 10 2020
- Leggings addon
- Now it's a bundle, one main file has both versions: the mask and neck piece are now an included addon, easier on space and less confusing if you want to have both versions.
If you want this and downloaded the old versions, please delete and download the current main file. Current leggings version only work with current main file too
- Fixed an issue with a roughness map on the belt

Update July 19 2020
- Since some people were having issues I reuploaded the unmasked main file and mask addon separately
- The mask shouldn't conflict with the hair on the other costumes since it now uses a unique file path

Special thanks to:
- Zeratulsparta for his really helpful video tutorial
- The team that made the 3DS Max script
- AlphaZomega for his scripts & tutorials. I also suggest to use this with his mod to hide the radio

RE2R version
RE4R version