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My reimagined version of Lady HUNK for Claire. Replaces Noir costume

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Heeyyyy yes it's me again

The first mod I released here was a reimagined version of Lady HUNK for Jill in RE3R, and I thought it was about time I made a Claire version

Yes I know there's been a Lady HUNK mod for RE2R for a long time but it's the Revelations body model/design. Mine is based on HUNK's RE2R redesign/reimagining attempting to make her look like she belongs in RE Engine, compared to my RE3R mod this is a revised and improved version, the helmet/mask uses its original materials and the hips bag has physics like HUNK's :)

Main file has the complete look (outfit + mask and helmet), and as always it must be installed first before installing an addon

Alt mask - replaces the mask with the damaged one Ghost wears in The Ghost Survivors DLC
Unmasked - removes mask
Leggings - adds black leggings

Replaces Noir costume

Install and use with Fluffy Manager:

Move the .rar files to modmanager/Games/RE2R/Mods, run the manager and install

Note: The masks of this mod will conflict with HUNK/Ghost texture mods
Note 2: If you encounter problems and don't own the Military costume DLC, you may need to get it pepeRun

31/08/21 - Updated textures on main file and leggings addon because I somehow forgot to make the boots black oops

And the main file is smaller in size now because I took out textures that the game wasn't reading, which isn't normal but for some reason it happens with this mod, I'm guessing it's because it's actually using the Military costume as a base but still weird
For more context, the game has two types of textures: low res and high res, I have my textures set to high but the game only displayed the low res ones for this mod, so I settled on leaving the high res textures on both paths at first just in case, but since it looks like it's a waste of space I just left one path, so now the mod is 60MB instead of 130MB

Legs model/textures originally made by Maliwei777

Lady HUNK Jill RE3R