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Changes the area colorcubes to remove blue/green/etc screen filters.

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So colorcubes in this game are basically LUTs (Lookup Table), color grading applied to the camera in the many areas of the game, which gives them those blue/green filters for a more cinematic look.

Big shoutout to EvilLord and AlphaZomega for discovering this, replacing the colorcubes with a default one removes these filters on both gameplay and cutscenes, making the area look more realistic, the lights pop out more and a lot of them look like they're actually turned on now.

This mod is applied to all rooms/areas in the game, and I should note, this is not a Reshade preset.

IMPORTANT: For some unknown reason, if you launch the game and load a save that's not in the main RPD hall, it will still have the original filters. To get around this load a save that's in the main hall, or start a new game and it should be fixed on your other saves.

Like, let's say you launch the game and you wanna load and play on a save where you're at the dark room (West 1F), the original filters will still be there, but if you load any save that's at the main hall, or start a new game - the next time you load your dark room save, it'll be fixed and the filters will go away for the rest of the session (meaning until you quit the game to desktop)

If you find other save spots that also fixes it let me know.

Starting a 2nd/B run will still have the original filters at the beginning, but they seem to get removed when you enter the room with the courtyard key

Install with Fluffy Manager.