Resident Evil 2 (2019)
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Replace zombies with Ivys.

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This mod will replace some, most, or all zombies in the game with Ivys.
Works for both main campaign and Ghost Survivors.

The Happening
This is the main version of the mod, it replaces only female zombies.
This offers the least amount of bugs and is still quite a challenge.

-Vegan Edition-
Optional version, replaces male zombies.
This has many visual bugs, on top of extreme challenge.

-Fat Vegan Edition-
Optional version, replaces big male zombies.

Important Note
You must start a new game after installing any version, otherwise the new Ivy enemies will be unkillable.

Each version can be install separately or you can install more than one version for more difficulty.
All versions are compatible with X Nightmare so long as you don't install versions that replace the same enemy type.
Optional versions are compatible with V-ACT Nightmare (LiTE)
For example: you can install Vegan Edition + V-ACT Nightmare (LiTE) + X Nightmare (Carnage) and get Rekt!

You need Fluffy Mod Manager to install.
Installation instructions are on Mod Manager's page.

Known Bugs
Optional versions of the mod have visual bugs such as Ivys clipping through walls or not animating correctly, but nothing game-breaking. Main version is mostly unaffected by these bugs.
Vegan Edition breaks Ghost Survivors - Runaway because it replaces backpack zombies.

>Thanks to Zeratul Sparta for the Teaser Trailer<