Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Lickers & Dogs instead of zombies

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´╗┐You've arrived in raccoon city too late, most of the infected have already gone through a process called V-ACT which has further mutated them into Vicious Lickers.
Dogs infected with the T-Virus have already escaped from the kennels.

Added Lite version which only replaces some of the zombies with lickers.
This version has almost no visual bugs.

This mod replaces most zombies with lickers, sprinkles a few blind dogs in there as well, and leaves an occasional zombie here and there. Ivys & G-Type Adults are untouched so you'll have to deal with those too.

This mix -when it works- creates a scenery of pure horror and dread, in which you have to maneuver very carefully and quietly to stay alive.
But when it doesn't work it's either too hilarious, or too brutal. More info below.

Part of the fun of trying this mod might be going in blind, if you think so you can avoid reading the information below.

  • Sometimes Lickers will already be aware of your position especially after scripted events or cutscenes, this creates a bit of an unfair situation.

  • Lickers AI isn't designed to work in packs, so when there're more than two of them in the same place they can end up just hindering each other.

  • Dogs' AI seem to be very hit and miss, sometimes one would successfully sneak up on you without expecting it, other times it just keeps running past you like it can't see you at all.

  • The biggest bug in this mod is visual, places where a zombie is scripted to be hiding in a specific pose before attacking makes the licker model just hover mid-air with it's tongue stretched out. It's still alive though, and it will go back to normal and attack you.

  • Sometimes a licker's pathfinding AI will get stuck on something and it'll run in place facing a wall.

  • Lickers on the outside trying to come in through windows will fail to do so, which will make them endlessly attack the walls near the window in anger... It's actually great.

  • I could go on but I hope you get the idea, the mod has inherit flaws, but I haven't encountered a game-breaking issue with it yet... not counting balance-breaking ofc.