Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Clair and Leon can get both each other's weapon, all ammunitions are full pack. Replace portable safes with spare keys instead.

Permissions and credits

  • MQ11, Shotgun,  GM 79, you can find them in Weapons Locker Room, and updated them in game run.
  • Both M19 and Quickdraw Army Revolver you can get them at initial place in 2nd run.
  • Lightning Hawk is in S.T.A.R.S office for Clair
  • Chemical Flamethrower in place of Spark Shot for Clair run
  •  Spark Shot is in RPD_b1 car boot 
  • Add 3 Hip Pouch in game.
  • Yellow gunpowder mirrored for White gunpowder in Clair run.
  • White gunpowder replace Wooden Board in RPD.
  • All the Gunpower were replaced by Gunpowder (Large).
  • All ammo changed accordingly.
  • All ammo changed to full pack.
  • Replace portable safes with spare keys instead.

Update Log:

  • Exchange locations of Hip Pouch in secret room and MQ11 ammos in east office

  • Optimized the location of the Terminal key pads and Bejeweled Box in ‘keyitem’ version

  • Follow game update
  • Add MUP at RPD main hall
  • Move main hall Hip Pouch to secret room. 
  • Fixed missed gunpowder and ammo replacement. 
  • Refine shotgun ammo quantity, 6 Shutgun ammos per pack.

  • Reset all wooden boards for yours asking.
  • Replace some Flash Grenade with White Gunpowder.
  • Hand Grenade is full pack now. 
  • Refine items position.

  • Add upgraded JMB Hp3 , place at Weapons Locker Room
  • Simplified weapon upgrade process.
  • Changed the position of the weapons in Weapons Locker Room.
  • Replace SLS60 with Broom Hc in Clair 2nd run.


Starting a new game is required for this to work properly.

Need the latest steam Game version

Requires fluffy manager to install.