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A fairly comprehensive overhaul for increased challenge & fun.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.2 released, most likely final update, please check out the changelog for more details.

You will need the Mod Manager, found HERE.

This overhaul is designed to change how you play the game, with new items, increased difficulty (adjustable) and fun features.


TL;DR a few bulletpoints
-New custom weapons
-Many altered weapon properties
-High caliber bullets do structural damage (can break walls for example)
-All EDF weapons have radical tracers
-Rebalanced & more challenging gameplay
-Somewhat improved AI
-New restored unused vehicle
-More & stronger NPC's
-Gameplay-altering physics adjustments
-Explosive barrels & canisters explode violently
-Static 'Depth of Field' effect in the distance
-Various other changes


The optimal difficulty is Hard.
All purchases cost a lot more than vanilla, be prepared to save up for specific upgrades that you want, it's gonna be tougher to get everything!

*==New and/or radically changed items==*
-The Proximity Mine has been replaced with Marauder Shockades (be honest, you never used those mines anyways did ya)
-The Rocket Launcher has been turned into a bad-ass missilepod which unleashes a barrage of minimissiles, which fly up into the air and then slams down into the target
(Portable airstrike! Sorta! Try getting the multi-rocket upgrade and hold the trigger down until the clip is empty ;)
-The Arc Welder has been transformed into a Plasma Caster (functionally sorta replacing the vanilla rocket launcher, but requires a bit more skill to use)
-The Gutter has replaced Stonebreaker (1st sledge upgrade), so now you can finally equip the Gutter in your sledgehammer slot
(I can't change the name & icon in the store however, that will still say Heavy Sledgehammer)
-The Sniper Rifle has been upgraded to fire a very powerful shockwave round which punches a hole in most structures and can knock enemies down when hit,
it also deals heavily decreased bodyshot damage but increased headshot damage (awards careful aiming more)

*==Gonnes and such==*
-EDF grenades have been abandoned in favour of Shockades, which anyone can throw
-All guns have received extra visual effects, such as bigger muzzleflashes, more prominent barrelsmoke and tracers for all EDF related guns
-Shotguns, MG turrets and the Sniper Rifle deals environmental damage, aka stuff breaks if you shoot it with these guns
-Most guns reload with NPC animations rather than Player animations
-Weapons impact movement speed a lot more
-The EDF Pistol has been changed to be a 'Six-Shooter' that can fire as quickly as you can handle, deals high damage and is accurate, but has strong recoil
-Sticky Charges do massive damage, but have a small radius, making them ideal for taking down buildings rather than spam in combat
-Sledgehammer is 1/4th vanilla power against structures
-Melee with regular weapons very little structure damage
-Melee applies less force to ragdolls
-Melee with smaller weapons are now radical kicks! Sick moves bruh!
-Melee (kick) does more damage, melee against you does more damage as well however
(Try to jump and kick to hit moving targets more easily)
-You can carry more boolits for most gonnes
-Various turrets have 50% longer cooldowns
-The Rail Driver has a 5~ second cooldown between shots, does massive damage capable of killing a normal elite instantly, and damages structures (also reduced max ammo)
This is the only weapon that can kill enemies inside tanks and the like, pick your shots carefully!
-More grenades for everyone!
-The standard sledgehammer has a +15% movement speed boost, and the Chrome (2nd upgrade) hammer has a -10% movement speed debuff, to give you a reason to use standard too
-The Gutter has a strong +30% movement speed bonus
-The Gutter is very deadly... Against you as well! Keep your distance.

-Difficulty settings have a bigger impact now, so if it's too hard, go down to Normal or even Easy, Hard is the optimal difficulty however
-Alerts last longer, especially higher alerts
-NPC's killing eachother will not affect morale anymore, it only matters if you kill an ally
-NPC's will generally run to cover and hide indoors more than before
-NPC's in general have more aggressive firing patterns with most things
-Couriers in Courier Chase missions now drives a medium EDF Tank, gotta protect that intel!
This may not always make sense for what they're saying, but it makes the missions a bit more interesting
-Guerilla reinforcements have a little bit lower morale requirements (basic reinforcements happen at morale 20, then better ones at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 95)
-No bonus salvage from missions
-All territories have increased control, making them harder to take over
-A lot of different side missions have been altered (Timed Delivery, Demo Master, Caravan, Courier Chase etc)
-Explosive canisters & barrels now explode much more violently in a bigger radius

-All vehicles have 1/4th mass to make it a lot harder to just slam your car through structures
-All vehicles have 25% less wheel friction
-All vehicles take more impact damage
-All Walkers (except combat walker) have half vanilla health to make them a little bit less overpowered :p
-A cut vehicle, the Bulldozer, now spawns naturally on roads (extremely slow, good health & massive mass)
-The two civilian supercars are notably better, especially the rarer one
-More vehicle types spawn in various situations
-The EDF Scout has a lower accel, but top speed is slightly increased
-You can stand on top of moving vehicles better, but not perfectly

*==Other stuffs==*

-A static Depth of Field has been added, helps hide the.. unsatisfactory distant mountains and whatnot
-Specialized NPC's will spawn more often (shields, snipers, singularity users, heavies, etc)
-Heavies have a lot more health
-More NPC's spawn
-Other general AI improvements
-Other general weapon improvements
-Other general balancing improvements
-Other general generals

Difficulty affects;
Damage taken
Damage dealt
Upgrade costs
Falling damage
Enemy accuracy
Health regen
Ammo sources
Death penalties
Morale stuffs

Bonus physics settings added to default mod manager, just slap the BuildingCollapse folder in there and select the new setting(s)
Just my personal preference, not necessary at all