Red Dead Redemption 2
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Get guaranteed perfect pelts at all times, or make it so weapons do not reduce pelt quality.

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The main version of this mod guarantees that no matter how you kill an animal, once you skin it you'll get Pristine pelts and perfect carcasses. Even if the animal is originally in Poor condition and you killed him with the wrong weapon type, you'll get Perfect Pelts once you skin it.
(Applies to fish as well)

There are also two optional mods that highly improve your chances of getting Perfect Pelts but do not fully guarantee it like the main version. More quality of life than a cheat:

Perfect Spawns
 This variant guarantees that all animals that spawn in the game will be in perfect condition. The rest is on you, you have to choose the right weapon for the job or you'll ruin the quality of the pelt.

Perfect Damage This variant is the opposite of the previous one, it makes it so any weapon is viable for hunting any animal. You don't have to stick to small game arrows or the varmint rifle... etc. You can kill a Muskrat with a sniper rifle, or a rat with a double barrel shotgun, and still get a perfect pelt. But you need to search for 3 star animals, if you kill a 1 star animal it won't magically give you a pristine pelt. Also some damage sources will still ruin the pelt such as explosions, fire, and so on.

These variants are all fully compatible with one another, if you want you can install both Perfect Spawns and Perfect Damage and have an almost guaranteed chance to get perfect pelts (like 99%), or just install the main mod.

Lenny's Mod Loader is Required to use this mod.
Download the variant(s) you want, and copy the folder inside the .rar to your lml folder.