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Travel beyond the world boundary!

This is a mod to be used with Lenny's MOD Loader (LML) to disable the invisible wall barrier.

This will make MODs that have expansions out of bounds work correctly as well as work for future AddOns

Permissions and credits
Update - v1.6.1 - July 30th 2021

Invisible Walls are fixed and working as intended again
Please refer to the "Readme.txt" on how to fix

Update - v1.5 - July 12th 2021

This update introduces an easier installation and also opens up the blocks to the mountain where you save John Marston on the 2nd mission of the game...

It also introduces the beginning of my custom ymaps. This one includes the beta Van Horn bridge discovered by gtaf and twitter user Kajjy put back in its spot and also includes my  rope bridges to Grizzlies north/Iron Cloud Mountain areas!

More to come! Updates will be easy to install in the future!
- pariah87

This modification disables the invisible walls around the map of RDR2. 

This is currently a WIP Project.
It is now possible to build over the out of bounds barrier.
Before there was an invisible wall stopping the player.

Map Mods by DuPz0r are now working with this patch.
Butter Bridge - Cross the San Luis River into Mexico -Dupzor


Updating an older version of Red Dead Beta//
IF YOU ALREADY HAVE MY MOD INSTALLED BEFORE v1.6.1 ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS DROP THE "Red Dead Beta" FOLDER INTO "Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/" AND DELETE "terrain.meta" FROM "Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/stream"

New Installation//
1. Download and Install Lenny's Mod Loader and Lenny's ASI Loader
2. If you have my my mod installed already, DELETE the "terrain.meta" file inside Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/stream/
3. Drag and Drop the "Red Dead Beta" folder into Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/
4. Drag and Drop whats in the stream folder into Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/stream/
5. If you don't see a stream folder inside RDR2/lml/, create one yourself
6. Back up saves just incase... shouldn't be any issues though
7. Start Game and Start Building Out of Bounds!

Enjoy and feel free to report any bugs or ideas for improvements!

Check out my YouTube Channel!