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This mod forces the player to sleep every now and then by draining cores when Arthur gets tired, doing "heavy blinks" and eventually passing out from sleep deprivation. It also lets you take a nap anywhere.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.4.5:
- Coffee and some other stimulants will recover some of your sleep core. (read details below in the description)
- You can now set custom 'sit down' key in the ini
- Removed the 'get up' promt, you can simply get up by pressing WASD, you can still enable the promt in the ini if you want it

Introduction: There are a lot of awesome mods that make Red Dead 2 a more realistic and immersive experience thanks to the amazing modding community <3
One thing that still bothered me is that you never really need to sleep, this mod attempts to fix that.

Almost everything below is customizable in the .ini file.

What this mod does:

- After going without sleep for a certain amount of time Arthur / John becomes tired.
  Being tired slowly drains your cores.

-After a while you become very tired.
  It'll drain your cores faster and you'll do "heavy blinks" (screen fades out for a second) & Arthur will make tired / annoyed sounds.

- Eventually you'll pass out of sleep deprivation. 
  Passing out doesn't count as a good night sleep, it'll only take you back to 'very tired' state and only refills your cores to 25%.

-Ability to take a quick nap anywhere:
While you're crouching press the "menu_up" key (up arrow by default) to bring up the promt. Taking a nap takes two hours, it refills your cores up to to 50% and takes you back to rested state, BUT it'll only take half as much time to become tired again than after resting properly. Napping has no safeguards, it's up to you to only do it at appropriate places and times!
Bringing up the 'take a nap' promt will make your character sit down, you can also use it to sit down anywhere (even if you don't want to sleep) - just for role play reasons..
There's an optional cinematic camera for nap and pass out sequences (turned OFF by default) to make them look more cutscene-y.

(New) -Use stimulants to recover your sleep core and stay on your feet longer!
Drinking coffee will recover 30% of your sleep core. 
Cocain Gum, Miracle Tonic, Bitters will recover 20%.
They are on a 5 minute time out, meaning after drinking coffee, drinking again within 5 minutes will do nothing. 
You CAN however drink coffee and take another stimulant to stack their effects.
After five minutes you can drink again but it'll only be 50% as effective as the first one. The third one will be only 25% and so on... until you sleep.
Taking stimulants while your sleep core is full will overcharge it, so you can drink your morning coffee for full effect.

-Sleep core HUD element:
It shows you how tired are you. The normal core runs out when you reach the 'very tired' state (fast core drain & you start blinking).
After that a second (grey) outer core will appear, when it runs out you reached the 'sleep deprived' state and you'll pass out momentarily.
You can customize the core size and position, or disable it in the ini.

To make it easier to position the sleep core you can create a new text file in your game directory and name it After this, pressing CTRL+R twice in game will reload every mod that uses scriphook.
So you can alt+tab out of the game, modify the position values in the .ini file, *save it* then press CTRL+R twice in game and the sleep core should move to the updated position, no need to reload the whole game.

Known issues:
-I tried to make sure that you don't blink or pass out at inappropriate times (like during combat) but it still interferes with some things. I'll try to improve it.
-The sleep core's position and size will be wrong on different resolutions. You can fix this in the ini file. 
If you find any issue please let me know!

Download SleepDeprivation.rar, extract it and drop the files into you Red Dead Redemption 2 game folder.

You're going to need Script Hook By Alexander Blade.

Special thanks to opariffazman for open sourcing his work <3 It helped a lot to learn things about Red Dead 2 modding and snipletts of his code were used in the making of this mod!