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Vest Chains, Ponchos, Double Bandoliers, Eyepatches, Law Badges, All gang hats! Much more to come!

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NPC Closet v0.8

This aims to add some clothing that can't normally be worn into the wardrobe!


Place LML folder into RDR2 game location and enable in LML Mod Manager!

Now with vest chains and law badges!


Current Swaps Include

Rancher Trim Hat - Red Bandito Headband

Big City Hats - Gang Hats

Bag Hat - Lenny's Hat

Eagle Talon Talisman - Double Bandoliers

Trapper Cloak - Javier's Short Poncho

Neon Blue Work Pants - Hosea's Pants

Beige Cotton Suspenders - Hosea's Scarf

Brown Button Low Shoes - Hosea's Boots

Bison Horn Talisman - Hosea's Belt

Bear Claw Talisman - Eyepatch

Cat Skull Mask - Angus Geddes Bandana

Pig Mask - Chelonian Necklace

Faded Red Fine Leather Suspenders - Shell of Safety

Legendary White Bison Coat - Worn Coat

Legendary Wolf Coat - Micah's Jacket

Grey Classic Tail Coat - John's Closed Winter Jacket

Blue Leather Suspenders - Gloved Suspenders

Grey Union Shirt - John's Union Shirt

Upgraded Gunbelt - Arthur's Chp 1 Gunbelt

Upgraded Holster - Arthur's Chp 1 Holster

Weathered Gunbelt - John's NPC Gunbelt

Orange Fine Leather Suspenders - John's NPC Scarf

Upgraded Off-Hand Holster - Invisible

Plaid Classic Tail Coat - John's Shotgun Coat

Explorer Gunbelt + Holster - Invisible

Materials Satchel - Invisible

Green Opulent Vest - Invisible

Blue Saddle Jeans - Invisible

Light Blue French Dress Shirt - Invisible

Green Suspenders - Invisible

Light Blue Union Shirt - Police Uniform

Burgundy Button Low Shoes - Police Shoes

Master Hunter Gunbelt + Holster - Police Gunbelt + Holster

Orange & White Brimmed Western Hat - Police Hat

Light Blue Striped Everyday Shirt - No Shirt

Orange Duster Coat - Black Jacket

Brown Classic Tailcoat - Jake Adler's Coat

Grey & Black Classic Tailcoat - Colm O'driscolls Jacket

Purple Parisian Vest - Vest with Chain

Canvas Sack Hood - Teddy Brown Armored Helmet

Alligator Tooth Talisman - Wedding Ring

Right Parted Length 7 John Hair - John's OG Hair

Left Parted Length 7 John Hair - John's Unkempt Hair

Plaid Shotgun Coat - Dutch's Heist Coat

Coyote Scout Jacket - John's Scout Jacket

Beige Green Duster - Gilbert Knightley's Coat

Blue Fine Leather Suspenders - Backpack

Flannel Shirt - Flannel Shirt & Open Vest Combo (May cause invisible forearms)

Red Panama Hat - Crown of Thorns

Green Military Scout Cap - Tom Dicken's Hat

Faded Red Military Scout Cap - Javier's Sombrero

Faded Red Fine Leather Suspenders - Chelonia Bag

Red Stovepipe Top Hat - Dutch's Top Hat

Red Military Scout Hat - Marshall Davies Hat

Brown Patterned Shotgun Coat - Sean's Coat

Green Rambler Coat - Lenny's Coat

Light Blue Scout Coat - John's Leather Coat

Blue Crossback Suspenders - Sheriff Badge

Faded Red Crossback Suspenders - Deputy Badge

Grey Striped Crossback Suspenders - Pinkerton Badge

Yellow Crossback Suspenders - US Marshall Badge

Blue Striped Crossback Suspenders - Revenue Agent Badge

Blue Leather Suspenders - Silver Vest Chain

Purple Leather Suspenders - Fancy Vest Chain

Yellow Leather Suspenders - Davie's Eyepatch

Grey Leather Suspenders - Wearable Binoculars

Tan Fine Leather Suspenders - Hanging Suspenders

Legendary Panther Cloak - Rio Donkey Rider Poncho

Light Green Scout Jacket - Joe's Winter Shotgun Coat

Brown & Grey Patterned Shotgun Coat - Javier's Cut Jacket

Weapons Expert Gunbelt - Baton Gunbelt

Purple Striped Worsted Coat - John's Fancy Jacket

Green Paisley Vest - John's Fancy Vest

Light Blue Cavalier Hat - John's Fancy Hat

Neon Blue Dress Tie - John's Fancy Dress Tie

Bright Red Cotton Suspenders - Wearable Sword

Check Read Me for installation instructions

Special thanks to Blackjacks420n aka Blackjack Colver Voltaire for providing me with the hash listings directory. Take a look at his wonderful mods!