Red Dead Redemption 2
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This is simple mod that improves playability as Sadie Adler

Permissions and credits
In order to get Sadie's voice back via Rampage Trainer is by going to Player>Play Speech>Set Custom
and then typing in one of the lines
this will load the voice back and no restart is necessary.

Suggested mods
Playable Van Der Linde gang - It's merged file of all gang members of Van Der Linde so if you'd like to request a character then check this out first
Custom Sadie Adler Appearances - it gives Sadie totally new clothing and makes her be compatible with MP Female's clothing

Required Mods
Lenny's Mod Loader
Lenny's Outfit Changer

Youtube - GJGamingBro
GJ's Gaming Center Discord Server you can find optional choise of characters from there if you don't want all of them playable
Twitter - GJGamingBro

reported issues
1.Character keeps dying and teleporting up into the sky at the same time 
2.Character's clothes won't change

Solution, Uninstall LennysSimpleTrainer.dll from Lenny's Simple Trainer folder
Posts about these issues will be ignored since i do not experience those therefore these are not caused by my mod!

a mod for these hard Sadie fans out there like myself who'd rather play as Sadie than anyone else always

Mod modifies metapeds.ymt file

Mod gives Sadie
Working Deadeye
Working Eagle eye
Working reloading animations
Working cores therefore allows you to sit down and enjoy sights as Sadie

Gives Sadie the ability to slide down of the mountain
Gives you possibility to put some of MP female clothing on Sadie

Added cores draining that means leveling health/stamina and dead eye cores is now possible
Sadie can greet people on the streets and in camp now, her quotes good morning/goodevening therefore only work at morning and evening if there's multiple male or female sitting at the same location Sadie greets them Boys/Fellas or Girls/Ladies, Greet_Familiar only works at camp with camp members

What this mod doesn't do
1.doesn't allow Sadie to cook
2.doesn't allow Sadie to sit on the beds that are available for player in camps and most houses that has no one living in them, this also restricts you from sleeping in those beds use save menu to save the game with Sadie as player
Reason:Male animations are restricted to be used by Male only and if there's none for Female, prompt simply doesn't work.
In camp when attempting to open the cook menu game simply gets stuck, i use Rocket Mode mod to get out of that position

3.Doesn't restore voice lines that should be available but aren't or are but partly
Giddy UP - during riding a horse, usually being used on the wagons but should also be used on the horse
Whoa - again only used on the wagons but not on a horse, should be played after you slow down your horse
Ally_Near_Miss - after you shoot an enemy but miss, this should be played
Ally_Taunt_Enemy - this should be played during shootouts with any enemy
Ally_Angered_In_Cover - if you're in cover shooting, this should play
Ally_Melee_Ko - after you knock out an enemy or anyone, that should play

There are also minigames Sadie should be able play in towns but are only available at camp < [Voice Specific] > can be played in towns but there she's simply silent
Five Finger Fillet

only one voiceline here is where she mentions Arthur and that's when she wins in poker, i find it funny since she never gets to be able to play poker and poker is usually being played with multiple people at once and never with each other, but she can be seen sometimes < Very rare occurance btw > playing Five Finger Fillet with you in Chapter3's camp, she has most voice lines for these two activities but were hidden for some reason

Else this mod includes
Saves from mid and 100% game that has Sadie as player
i guess i'll have to say that too, BACKUP YOUR OWN SAVES!!! these will be the ones you'd like to go back to after uninstallation.

problems this mod will cause
Working cores for Sadie causes heavy breathing like animation to play forever when Sadie is NPC i believe that when you spawn Sadie as bodyguard that happens, this will be eliminated when Playable version of Sadie can be added as an additional ped.

Rampage Trainer or Lenny's Outfit Changer Required to change her clothing

reported issue, infinite loading, possible cause Lenny's mod loader being outdated, update it if you encounter this issue

if eagle eye and dead eye doesn't work after switch via the trainer use the saves i've uploaded NOTE: Rampage Trainer seems to work fine with this, Lenny's Trainer will not.

To avoid voice resetting back to John, do not drink too much alcohol and do not initiate any cutscenes, Sorry thought Rampage Trainer would load voice back but it doesn't do anything when typed in cs_mrsadler, doesn't even respond to hash