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A Free moving camera for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Permissions and credits
Red Dead Freecam v1.2.1 by Evil Blunt & Three-Socks. (Script Hook RDR 2)

Controller: XBOX / PSX
Activate/Deactivate = X + LB / Square + L1

Keyboard & Mouse:
Activate/Deactivate = Spacebar + Q

-Known issues-
When moving the camera, it is disabling the anti-aliasing, not sure why it happens.
My guess is because it’s a created camera with no settings applied to it, there’s a native somewhere to help fix this but it is unknown at the moment.

This Script is for use with Script Hook RDR 2 -

C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\


Controller: XBOX / PSX
Activate/Deactivate = X + LB / Square + L1
Exit = B / Circle
Move Camera = Left Stick
Rotate Camera = Right Stick
Lower/Raise Camera = Left Trigger/Right Trigger
Slow Down = LB / L1
Speed Up = RB / R1
Change FOV = DPAD Up/Down
Roll Camera = DPAD Left/Right
Reset Camera = Right Stick Click
Widescreen Borders = Left Stick Click
Hide Hud = Y / Triangle
Settings = Back Button / Select Button

Keyboard & Mouse:
Activate/Deactivate = Spacebar + Q
Exit = Backspace
Move Camera = W,A,S,D
Rotate Camera = Mouse
Lower/Raise Camera = PageUp/PageDown
Slow Down = Q
Speed Up = E
Change FOV = Arrow Key Up/Down
Roll Camera = Arrow Key Left/Right
Reset Camera = X
Widescreen Borders = Z
Hide Hud = Left Shift
Settings = Tab