Red Dead Redemption 2
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An All-In-One Pack of all my Upscale Mods

Permissions and credits
Many people were asking for an "All In One" pack for my upscale mods, here it is!

Click HERE to go to the Upscaled Items Hub!

Check out Upscaled NPCs too, It won't be added to this pack or the Hub

It won't be updated immediately when I make new mods, Here is a list of mods In this pack

4k Upscaled Stars + Moon

Upscaled Animals AIO
Upscaled Badges
Upscaled Bandanas and Masks
Upscaled Boats
Upscaled Boots (Player) (Replaced with Upscaled Player Textures)
Upscaled Bottles
Upscaled Bullet Holes*
Upscaled Cards & Minigames
Upscaled Chairs
Upscaled Cigarette Cards
Upscaled Cigarettes
Upscaled Cigars

Upscaled Documents
Upscaled Dynamite
Upscaled Fires
Upscaled Food
Upscaled Furniture

Upscaled General Store Props
Upscaled Gloves (Removed Player Gloves, Included in Upscaled Player Textures)
Upscaled Gravestones
Upscaled Guitar (and other string instruments)
Upscaled Hats
Upscaled Horses
Upscaled Jails
Upscaled Journal
Upscaled Lanterns
Upscaled Legend of the East Outfit
(Replaced with Upscaled Player Textures)
Upscaled Misc Interiors
Upscaled Moonshine + Stills
Upscaled Objects
Upscaled Photography Equipment
Upscaled Pickups
Upscaled Player Textures*
Upscaled Poop (Comprehensive Sh-t Upscale)
Upscaled Registers
Upscaled Robot
Upscaled Saddles
Upscaled Signs & Posters
Upscaled Snow-Ice
Upscaled Statues

Upscaled Tables
Upscaled Trains
Upscaled Trinkets
Upscaled Trolley
Upscaled Vegetation
Upscaled Wagons
Upscaled Weather
Upscaled Western Coat
(Replaced with Upscaled Player Textures)
Upscaled Winter Shotgun Coat (Replaced with Upscaled Player Textures)

* = Please read bottom of description for conflict info!!!

For more Info on mods, check out their individual pages and/or the Upscaled Items Hub

V3 HAS BEEN RELEASED! Make sure you uninstall v2 or any other previous versions before installing v3 as it has a whole new file structure and loading method!

Here is a quick video guide on how to reduce crashes due to VRAM overloads, keep in mind you must have plenty of extra space on your hard drive/SSD for this to work effectively

Drop the lml folder into your game root folder
If you have Lenny's mod manager I'd recommend launching it and turning on "Overwrite" for most installed mods, load order shouldn't matter unless the mod is marked with *, then refer to description.

Otherwise, these mods should work with ANY other mod, as long as they don't edit the same textures.

!~ Notes for certain mods ~!

Always check your mod folder for file conflicts before reporting a bug, conflicts shouldn't be a thing unless you use a few mods that edit core.ytd or fxdecal.ytd and whatnot, just check ☻

Upscaled Items Hub Description:

If you are using Upscaled Bullet Holes make sure you don't have another mod that edits "fxdecal.ytd". If you load it before any mod that uses fxdecal.ytd, it will NOT show up in game, and if you load it after, the other mod that uses fxdecal.ytd won't show up in game. One such mod that conflicts is Improvements In Blood.

Upscaled Player Textures should be loaded after most if not all of the mods in this pack, with overwrite enabled.
It WILL CONFLICT with any other player texture mod, including many clothing mods.
Overwrite should be disabled for Upscaled Hats and Gloves

Otherwise, conflicts should be non-existent, however if you are worried or know there is a file that my mods
conflict with, enable the "Overwrite" toggle in Lenny's Mod Manager for
whichever mod you would like to be loaded in-game.