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This mod simply makes the game's graphics look like the graphics that can be seen in the promotional images of the game.

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Promotional Image and Trailer Graphics Restored and Enhanced

What does it do?

This mod attempts to recreate and expand upon the fantastic the visuals that can be seen in the official Rockstar Games promotional images (seen here), and the numerous trailers for the game (mainly 2 and 3, seen here and there) to my best ability. Like in those images and trailers, this mod does stay faithful to the current game, while having numerous tweaks to the lighting, volumetrics, colour tone, ambient occlusion, and more, that are better seen in game than me rambling about them in a description. Amongst all that, I did take some artistic liberties with this mod since there are some weathers that are not seen in  the promotional stuff put out by Rockstar, and some things I have tweaked to my personal liking, such as the nights. 

How do I install it?

To install my mod, all you have to do is drag the "LML" folder provided in the zip into your Red Dead Redemption 2 folder. Please, if you cannot comprehend this and cant install it properly, that is on you and no one else. Do not complain to me about this.

What does it conflict with? 

It conflicts with any other visual mod.


There is a slight issue with shadows on metallic items such as belt buckles and buttons while standing in shaded areas. I will fix this when I get the chance.(FIXED IN V1.07!)
Anything else that you may notice, let me know and I will look into it. "Issues" that are actually just personal nit-picks of yours rather than actual bugs such as "I don't like how such and such looks!" will be ignored and you will be banned from the mod page. You have been warned. 


Enjoy the mod! Behave nicely on the mod page and we can all get along. Have a good one.