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-Red Dead Redemption II Assets Expanded-
Using this add-on you can add unused/cut and Red Dead Online assets with Rampage Trainer to rebuild the map of RDR2 in any way you want!
Also using this in combination with Lennys Simple Trainer 14 allows us access to MP Models/Props/Weapons and more.
*No RDO Story Content Available*

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 11/9/2020
-last update, works with update 1.23, don't update if you want to keep using
-this add on is buggy due to Lenny's Simple Trainer
and is for map building and enthusiasts

-Name changed from "MP to SP" to "Red Dead Revamped"
-Added new optional Teleports list for 293 interiors

UPDATE 11/6/2020

Live again.
v1.0 didnt work and was missing necessary file "ObjectList.txt"
Please note that this is buggy and may break your SAVE.
Planning on adding more IMAP XMLs that will load
different sets instead of just everything at once.

This MOD isn't meant to be used for regular story gameplay. 

Map Building and using multiplayer assets for sandbox type gameplay suggested.

  • mp clothes are bugged and not working properly
  • some mp weapons might replace sp weapons, take caution and always back up your saves and files
  • please let me know of any issues you have.. I can't promise I can fix them

Complete.xml is used to load the MP IMAPs with ObjectList.txt and Rampage Trainer

Lennys Simple Trainer 14
is used to change MpWeapons=false to "true".
lst.ini enables the mp assets with this string and also changes the default hotkey to F7.


  1. Download and install Rampage Trainer and Lenny's Simple Trainer
  2. Make sure there is a folder called "RampageFiles" in your RDR2 folder, if not, run the game and there should be.
  3. Place Complete.xml inside RampageFiles/IMAPS
  4. Place ObjectList.txt in RampageFiles/Lists
  5. Place lst.ini inside Red Dead Redemption II Root Folder - Hit ok to replace files
  6. Run Game
  7. Open Trainer. Select World/IMAPs/Map Sets/Load Custom to load the Complete.xml
  8. Use Lennys Trainer to give your player mpweapons
  9. Underpants
  10. Profit

Alexander Blade - God
RampageDev - Rampage Creator
lms - Lenny's Simple Trainer Creator
Kostas96b - RDR2 Modder
lstgenerator was used to update object list for rampage and lenny lst.ini file.

The file in the .rar includes the latest updates plus a bunch of other stuff added.

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